Need More Work

29 01 2012

For the past few months after having my first baby, I’ve been trying to find the time and patience for 3D modeling. I’m back here because I want to start writing on here again. As some of you may know, I started another blog over a year ago called, “Baby and the Geek”. It’s more on my experiences in life with being a wife, new mom, and geek.

Lately, though, I’ve been yearning for some artistic stimulation. I’m going to take this slow and just work when I can. Model when I can. Collect reference when I can.

I’m still getting used to taking care of a now 10 month old baby, so things are drastically different for me than ever before. The importance of maintaining my own happiness and identity separate from motherhood is very high, as I am currently a stay at home mom.

I hope that someone out there starts reading and commenting as I’m sure I will have lots of questions and run into a lot of issues. I’ll be also trying to post my progress on Polycount. My username there is LadyDustBunny. I feel like a newbie all over again because I haven’t really done a lot of art in a while.

So here’s hoping for more posts here, more discussion, and more art!



What am I doing?!

23 10 2010

I’ve been working on a number of things lately! I’m currently working on my YouTube channel. I’ve recently created and updated the channel background and put up a new video, with the next one being put up tomorrow. I’m playing through games for y’all! I’m starting off with “Enslaved: Odyssey to the West”. I’m working on making a better setup for my intros and working on better more professional graphics and such for my videos. I want to create better, higher quality videos.

I’m still deciding on my next game to play through, so please send me your suggests: dustbunny777 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Check out my videos here!

Personal Stuff Right Here

6 09 2010

Hey! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you guys! As part of my newly re-enthused need to blog, I’ve created a secondary blog for personal stuff. This includes memories from my past, random dreams, some odd musings, and other things. Best part? A lot of it is illustrated! Go check it out to learn more about me and then come back here for some more gaming talk!

My personal and illustrated blog -> Spaghetti and a Meatball


I’m Back, for reals, yo!

27 08 2010

So I’m determined to get back to this blog after a, what, like year or two hiatus? I had started a new blog, just to get myself a fresh start, but I have to say that I truly miss this blog! Feels like home! So much has changed, yet I’ve just noticed that so much is the same. For example, I just started this post with the word “So”. I do that a lot. That’s actually something that NEEDS to change. Anyway, a lot about me has changed quite a bit, including becoming a game tester for EA. Not only that, but I got married this past May. What else? Oh, I have another surprise, but I have to wait to tell anyone about that! (That seems rather cruel that I’d tease you guys like that.)

Well, I hope you are all excited about be coming back!! I have soooo much to say and so much to tell you guys about! I hope this finds all of you well and gaming!

LadyDustBunny aka Elle

27 07 2009

Speed Gamers Again!

16 05 2009

The Speed Gamers are playing through the Mother series (Earthbound). As usual, they are also raising money for a charity, I believe that this time it is for Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer (for a cure). Go check it out, participate, and donate!

This is box art!

This is box art!

On a side note, I got my first ticket (car related) yesterday, and I wanted to cry! It was a parking ticket because the meter expired…fail. Not only that, but I was inside a store buying the WRONG intuos pen, which the sales woman led me on to believe it was the right onw (she cannot read apparently), then I spend all day trying to find an intuos3 pen at stores and that turns up nothing, my best friend was driving me nuts by just being uber happy, and not caring at all how I felt, then I just wanted to sit down for the evening and play CoD5 with the boys and my Xbox refused to join a party or a game with them because our game versions are incompatible and sometimes because there are network isues (which there never were and we don’t have different game versions!!!). I was then so frustrated!! And just to top it all off, my roommate forgot to buy toilet paper, so we have none! AHHHH! It was  bad day yesterday. A very bad day.   -_-

Anyway, if anyone wants to buy a intuos2 Pen, never used, let me know before I got return it.

Catching Up on Podcasts

13 05 2009

Catching up on podcasts is kind of weird. I haven’t gotten the chance to listen to all of my podcasts lately. It’s back logged to the beginning of April. I enjoy them a lot, but some of them are talking about games that aren’t out yet or something and by the time I listen to them, the game has been out and reviewed like crazy. Ahhhh…

I’m very busy and excited for the Speed Gamers marathon this weekend. It’ll be nice to have that going on in the background while I work. AND I will be ordering a new graphics card today for my desktop in hopes that I can use my desktop this weekend. I feel like it would make me have a more productive work flow.

Also, I will be drinking Red Bull for the first time today! Wish me luck! haha