Lack of Epic-ness

12 11 2007

So yesterday, Kotaku posted this new video of the lesbian-alien-sex scene from Mass Effect.

I think the scene was done very tastefully. What annoys me is the fact that this is only possible with a straight female relationship, lesbian female relationship, and straight male relationship. There is no way for this kind of scene to occur with two men. That right there should make me so infuriated that I will refuse to buy it. But that’s the thing. This game looks like its going to be a lot of fun. Sooo…while I’d love to stick to my guns and start some sort of boycott to it, I can’t help but want this game. Does that make me a bad person?

In other news, Super Mario Galaxy came out today. I probably won’t be able to get my hands on it for another week or so, but I’ve been hearing some good things. So for the first time since Super Mario 64, I’m actually excited to play a Super Mario game!

Assassin’s Creed comes out this Wednesday. I’ve had mine on pre-order for quite a while, so when I get home from college, I’ll have it and love it and cherish it forever. Yes, I am kind of obsessed. But I am soooo afraid that it’s going to be a major let down, just because of how much I’ve amped it up in my own head.

So, as you’ve noticed, this post is more of a “whats going on” type of…post, but I’ll be sure to write something more epic later tonight…if I finish writing the dialog for my game…ugh.




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