Pretty Woman

13 11 2007

jaderay1.jpgSo I read somewhere that at one time there were rumors that Assassin’s Creed producer, Jade Raymond, would be posing for Maxim magazine. This is NOT true and she was very upset to hear that someone would even think she’d do that. And I’m afraid that her personality has over shadowed the game itself. When fans of her found out that she would NOT be appearing in Maxim, they were thoroughly disappointed!

And I don’t get it! Does a woman in this industry have to be completely unattractive for anyone to take her seriously?! I’ve read comments such as:

“well, jade shouln’t be offended by the fact that people like her … for the times i heard her talk in interviews she doesn´t seem qualified for that kind of job. Its obvious its only there for the looks and the publicity for the game (based on her looks and not the game itself)…
( by job i mean talking , not her work on the game …)”

This is ridiculous! How could they possibly judge her on that?! She’s the producer? She’s going out there to tell everyone about this new game and she does a great job of it. There’s only so much that she can say and yeah, she has a very warm personality and so can therefore be able to relate to a lot of people. AND, as a woman who is the producer of such a game, her appearances on TV and such have been a great thing for the game industry! When girls see a woman like that in such a respectful role, they can really begin to think “Wow, I could do something like that too!” I mean, look at Cliffy B! Not once did anyone say, “I bet he’s totally unqualified for the job he has.” How would anyone know that?! And that statement has no basis at all, because anyone who knows ANYTHING about Jade Raymond’s career its all good things! As a female game designer myself, I of course did the research on her as soon as I had heard about her.

She majored in computer science, got her degree, and got a job programming games for Sony. She also founded the first Research and Development group within Sony Online and worked on online games such as the Jeopardy games. She then became a producer at EA and was the producer behind the Sims Online. After that she decided to move back home to Montreal and work at Ubisoft as a producer. So the woman is smart, guys! She has ambitions and a brain and just happens to be attractive. I don’t like this whole “if she’s pretty, she’s probably dumb or doesn’t know anything about games besides Barbie or Cooking Mama”.

So this woman is someone I look up to in a way that is encouraging to know that I can achieve such a status in this industry that seems to be covered in men.

I am woman…Now watch me program!




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13 11 2007

They’ve made Raymond the face of Assassin’s Creed simply because she looks good on camera, and because “OMG a beautiful female game designer!”. It’s gotten ridiculous though, I saw a publicity photo where Jade is standing in the foreground and then the rest of the development team is standing in the background, as if less important. That sort of thing makes me angry.

On the other hand you have teams like Insomniac, responsible for Ratchet and Clank. Ted Price is at the head of that studio, and yet he insists that the credits be in one straight list, and every member of the team listed alphabetically. Price shows up on the list in the “P’s” rather than the front of the credits. He feels that making a game is a group effort and no one is unimportant to its creation. And that is totally rad.

13 11 2007

Only someone incredibly stupid would believe that a company like Ubisoft would let their producer be featured as such.

Unfortunately, it is hard to ignore the stupid because they often scream the loudest.

13 11 2007
Darius K.

I noticed similar stuff happening within the D&D Online fan community. Whenever one of our producers, who happens to be an attractive woman, would do an “interview with the developer” type of video, the forums would be alight with discussions about her hotness. Of course, she’s also really good at her job, but hey, who gives a crap about that, right?

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