It’s Console Time Again

21 11 2007

So here we go again with Christmas. My mom just asked me to make her a list of what I’d like. We usually get one big gift and a bunch of little ones. So last year, my big gift was the Wii. So now I’m debating between the Xbox 360 and the PS3. You know, I really wish there was only ONE system…I bet we’d be able to play a lot of more games that way. Yeah, it’d be called the WiiStation 360. Haha, okay that made me laugh…anyway…  basically its a mini-console war at my house right now, so I’ll be having fun this holiday season with that.

So as most of you have probably already heard, there was a vulgar comic strip starring Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond up on a certain site. I did not see the comic because it was taken down by the time I heard of it and I am so glad that I didn’t accidentally run into it. Now I believe Ubisoft is considering some legal action. I just want to add this new development to my post “Pretty Woman”. I am disappointed, but not surprised.

On to happier news, I’ve been playing Assassin’ Creed and even though there is a lot of huffle about the new controls for it, I actually love the controls. I’ve been playing it on my boyfriend’s 360 and I have to say that the controls actually feel natural to me. Maybe because they make sense, you know? Though I do see how they could be hard to get at first, because it took me a few minutes before I got into the right mind set. Besides that, I’m definately enjoying the story and adventure of this game and would and probably will recommend it to everyone I meet..unless they’re five…then I’d recommend something like Viva Pinata: Party Animal.

I’m going to make a post soon about girl directed games…soooo stay tuned for a more interesting post!




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