Thanksgiving Time!

23 11 2007

So I had the BEST Thanksgiving ever! After all the festivities with the whole family, the boyfriend and brother-in-law came played Halo 3 in my room for like 2 hours with me! Score! And then I kinda got tired of playing that so I sat on my desktop and played Team Fortress 2 while they kept playing. I usually play as a Medic, but have recently switched to the Scout. Anyway, I’m still debating between getting a 360 and a PS3…its really a hard decision.

So I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy over Winter Break with some game related activities. I’ve been teaching myself a little flash, getting a lot better with Photoshop, playing alot of games and a lot of Risk, and well, I’m trying to figure out what I want to create over break. I’m thinking I’m going to create another board game. I had so much fun coming up with the idea and gameplay mechanics of the last one I worked on that I’d love to make another one. I think that’d be a good thing to do creatively, while teaching myself C++ and Flash over break. I figure I’ll get those down pretty well and spend my spare time in this upcoming quarter, learning more programming and 3D modeling. Oh! And I should really finish the seventh Harry Potter book…hahaha, I began that this summer and have YET to finish due to school and video games. But I love to read and I should indulge that good habit. Maybe I’ll go to Barnes and Noble and sit at the Starbucks and read. That way, I can’t think of anything else but books.

So I’m wondering if any one can give me some advice. I want to really learn a lot and further my career in the game industry. I have little to no experience in 3D modeling and I’ve only been able to make a board game and a comedy RPG in RPG Maker (which I came up with the idea for and wrote). So what should I be doing? Is learning Flash a good idea? Or maybe I should be focusing on modeling? I’m not 100% sure in which direction I want to focus my career, but I really want to have a good sense of it all. So any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

And when it comes to networking, I do try my best to get to as many conventions, but due to lack of car and lack of money I’ve only been able to attend last year’s GDX so far. I hope to attend more this coming year. I’ve got a good friend over at LucasArts though, so that’s something right? And I can’t forget my fabulous professor Brenda. She seems to be a great source of information and truly inspiring!

Anyway, I’m exhausted right now. I’ll be sure to update with more important topics tomorrow…got to sleep off this turkey. đŸ™‚




One response

28 11 2007
Jeffrey Z Larkin [from class]

hey, elle. i’m learning c++ and flash over break as well, well, mostly just c++ because the principles outlined in that language carry over to a lot of languages, and there’s a lot of crossover in terms of problem solving.

i’m kind of in the same boat as you, though in terms of everything else. it’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it? what i’m doing is just doing the best i can at everything i do, especially school related stuff because, yeah, brenda is awesome, and is an awesome contact. anyway, enough for now.

keep trucking.

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