Parental Control?

27 11 2007


I’m so tired of parents buying M rated games for their six year olds. A few days ago, a mother walked into the Best Buy my boyfriend works at and asked for a copy of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andres” for her six year old. I’m going to take a moment and let that all sink in for you….okay, So he read her the rating and why it was rated that and she immediately was acting all shocked and decided not to buy it….I know that when people buy a movie they usually check the rating of it before handing it over to their six year olds. Why don’t they do that for games?

It’s just a game, right? What harm can a game do? While I’m not going to sit here and give you pie charts and graphs of violence and kids and video games, I am going to say this… “This movie contains sexual themes and drug use. Do you want your kid watching this?” If the answer is no, then stay away from M rated games. M is the R of video game world. And I know all of you who are reading this probably already know and have heard about all of this over and over again. So instead of complaining about how parents aren’t involved or informed, how can we fix this?

Well first, we get to the parenting magazines! Some of those parenting magazines have a movie guide and all, so why not a game guide? I think we need articles in every parenting mag about the rating system of video games. But it should be directed to the appropriate audience and make good comparisons about games to movies and their ratings. I think that would be a huge step in the right direction.

Next try to get some articles posted on other popular sites and magazines. It’d be good for the general public to know what they’re getting into when they buy a game.

I remember being thirteen and renting Titanic, b/c I was never allowed to see it in the theaters and my mom sat and watched it with me and had me close my eyes as she fast forwarded through the sex scene, so if a parent wants to keep their child away from that, they need to be aware of ratings. What is in the games that their children are playing?

I just think its weird that every one says to make the rating marker bigger or they have ads up in game stores or game magazines about the ratings…but who’s buying these games for kids? Their parents, right? So why aren’t we targeting getting the information to the parents? Maybe I should see about getting something done about this…anyone got contact info for some parenting magazines?

Another thing is, I know that some systems have or are going to have parental control settings…I know when I got my Playstation 2 and set it up alone i my room, I set my own parental control code. I don’t think my mom ever found out about the option of a code. It was only for movies, though. So I think that has to be in articles about ratings. Lets inform the parents that there are options or that there will be options for the gaming systems their children have. I just feel like a lot of these parental control and rating issues are more well-known throughout the gaming community than they are to the people that SHOULD know about it. Our parents.




One response

4 12 2007

I share your frustration but I’ve resigned to feeling that there will always be a severe misunderstanding about video games for people that didn’t grow up with them. So there’s not much we can do for these parents except keep trying to inform them, but I doubt the problem will really exist when our generation is raising kids.

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