Relationships in MMO’s

23 12 2007

Whenever I first thought about relationships in MMO’s in the sense of dating in them, I laughed. But for some people dating in an MMO is a great thing. I’ve heard from a real life friend that a friend of hers has been dating the same guy on an MMO for about three years now. Supposedly they’ve moved their conversations to phone calls too. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I guess if it makes people happy than okay. What I like is the roleplaying relationships. The relationships that are fake and only meant to enhance the story of the characters. Now that is pretty cool. You can have this whole epic story going on with your characters that doesn’t affect your real life in any way.

Some people get married in MMO’s. Again, I originally didn’t get this! But upon further research, I learned quite a bit. While some people do actually get married in games like World of Warcraft and live out their characters’ lives as a married couple, there are some to do very different things. There are some real life couples who, while they are getting married in real life, have laptop set up on the alter and have their MMO characters getting married at the same time. Then there is the whole roleplaying aspects alone. Some people get their characters married to other characters (in no way are they actually in a real relationship) just to boost the guild/clan’s morale and have some fun and add to the story.

So how do I feel about people trying to have real relationships through MMO’s?

I really don’t know. I know that I wouldn’t ever do it, because it’s not really something I’m comfortable with.

What about fake relationships for the sake of storytelling?

Now those are cool! I like that idea of that even though the developers have set up this world and quests and such, players can customize it in a way by creating their own stories.




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