Slow Season Personally

23 12 2007

So I’ve been in a sort of gaming drought lately. And its all Christmas’ fault! I have been forbidden to buy any games since like November! So, I’ve been playing free games online. And man, have I learned a lot! I played the game Passage. And I feel like my life has been changed. Seriously, it made me realize what makes games an emotional experience. Its humanity and mortality. Something we’ve all experienced being brought to life in a game can affect so many people and help them to relate to how the character they are playing is feeling. *** SPOILERS FOR PASSAGE AHEAD! *** While playing Passage, I got soooo sad when the wife died. And wait a second? When did it say that she was my character’s wife? And when did he become MY character? See? These are things that point to a good experience in a game – or a human experience in a game. When the main character becomes you or yours. When you almost make up these backstories or ideas of what each character feels for the other without realizing it. Making those social human connections from the images of the two characters walking together, made me have this idea that they must married. And maybe it was also due to when she died at the end. I felt this sadness. It was like someone threw a very tiny dust particle at the part of me who remembers when my grandfather died, ya know? It was to the same extent, but it was that feeling of loss. I remember I saw the grave pop up and I actually, without thinking, made my character walk to the grave and stand there for a while by it. Almost paying respect to it. And there was a part of me that wanted her to come back to life. This was a similar experience I had to Final Fantasy VII and yes, to Call of Duty 4. These human experiences are so touching. While most are about loss, I would love to see someone tackle a different human response. I know loss is a logical one to go to because EVERYONE has gone through it. So maybe my mainstream gaming drought hasn’t been all bad.




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