What I’ve learned so far…

23 12 2007

I’ve learned that non-digital games are a huge deal. How huge, you ask? Enormous! Anyway, they have taught me that….they are important to anyone learning how to make a digital game. When I first thought about learning how to make a full 3d game, I considered learning programming and Maya and things of that caliber. When the idea that you could learn about game design from board games made me think, “Oh…uhhh sure.” But I didn’t really think I would learn too much about making a digital game from it. As I came up with the idea of the game, I realized that I wanted interactivity. I wanted something that took some skill and competition. I wanted alliances and betrayals! As we came up with the mechanics of the board game, I started to see it. I could see exactly what I was supposed to learn. The idea was that I was learning how to make something fun, how the process of making any game goes about, and what non-gamers enjoy. I learned about casual games and mass appeal. I learned more about bringing people into games without intimidating them, as I often felt with such things as D&D. I had no clue that it was possible to learn so much about digital games through creating a nondigital game! It was the best experience for someone like me, who is only beginning to learn Maya and programming.




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