Heavenly Fun

28 12 2007

So I got my Playstation 3 and have been playing my first PS3 game, Heavenly Sword. I love it. I’m about half way through it and it’s been a really great experience! I was a huge fan of God of War and I feel like Heavenly Sword is a different and very intriguing story, but with similar gameplay mechanics that have been basically fine tuned. And like an awesome new Mario game, I enjoy the mechanics even though it is rather familiar.

And after having a gaming drought, due to being forbidden to buy any new games so that my mom could get me something for Christmas, this game has been such a great breath of fresh, or maybe, just great sweet sweet air! I also got Soul Caliber Legends and Super Mario Galaxy. I haven’t gotten to Super Mario Galaxy yet due to being semi-obsessed with Heavenly Sword. Oh and of course there is also Motorstorm that came with my system.

Oh and one of my sisters gave me two Sims 2 expansion packs! So now I have Seasons and Teen Style Stuff! All I need now is University, I think! I used to have it but then it got kind of misplaced with all the hurricane Katrina stuff! Bleh!

So anyway! Heavenly Sword, so far its great! The boss battles are fun and the fighting styles and techniques are a must-play. I loved the voice acting and felt like it was such a great piece of work that many people should definately enjoy.




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