Second Maya Project

30 01 2008

So I’ve been assigned my second assignment in my Modeling for Game Development class. We have to create a local Savannah building in Maya 2008. I’m really excited because I really enjoyed modeling my elamasaurus. I’ve learned a great deal about Maya and love to challenge myself, so I really want to add more detail in the texture of the building, especially since I think creating the textures of this project will be slightly easier than the organic form of my loch ness monster.

I’ve also made my arrangements for GDC and am very excited! I’m STILL trying to figure out what to do about my business cards. I’m still a little nervous, but totally excited!


Officially my first 3D thing!

28 01 2008

It’s a lochness monster! YAY!gmunst20_fish_project_07.jpggmunst20_fish_project_09.jpg

Heavenly DEAR GOD when is it over?!

26 01 2008

Okay, so today I got my PS3 from home and 2 of my roommates and I decided to play it. I thought that I’d just show them a few levels and then we’d move on to other things, you know, like seeing the sun or taking a walk outside (which is for people who are lame!). This of course led to spending the entire day beating the game. As I speak, my roommate, Sarah, is still working on the final part of the final boss battle.

The game was going at a great pace! Really enjoyable! We were all loving it! (insert more generic praise here). Then we found the room. The room with a door and a wheel that opens it. And in this room is a box of hats, and behind the door is a gong that opens another door. Jolly good times, right? Well here’s the thing, we probably spent about a good 45 minutes in this room alone. Were those 45 minutes spent fighting bad guys? No. Were they spent collecting precious items? No. Well then maybe they were spent making clay pottery that is decorated in fine jewelry? No, and what?  We spent that time tossing a hat at the gong behind the fast shutting door. For example, lets say that when you turned the wheel, the door opens. This door stays open for 5 seconds. You then have to run across the room and grab a hat out of a box, this takes about 2 seconds (which you have to be in the exactly correct position to grab a hat….Nariko does NOT like to compromise). Then you must turn Nariko in the precise position for tossing at the gong, which when you do, she turns a complete left instead of a slight left that is required. This takes about 1.5 seconds. You must then toss the hat and direct it to the gong. This takes about 2 seconds….the door is closed. You suck.

Well after some hat tossing and body throwing, we got the idea of throwing a sword. Failure, because you must have it handy right by the wheel in order to save time. A task, which is VERY hard to accomplish. Even though Nariko has no problem killing an entire army, tossing hats is an art all to its own. We finally got it right, by studying the physics of the game to an extent that no gamer should ever have to do. It was not fun….it was frustrating.

So then after the trauma we suffered, the rest of the game was fun! Pure excitement everywhere! YAY Life! Then we finally reach the epic and anticipated FINAL BOSS!!! So the game alone was probably about 7 hours…..we have been “beating” the boss for the past 3 hours…….3 hours…..Is there something wrong with us? Did we suffer too much trauma from the hat tossing to complete our ninja training?? I don’t know, but we’re still at it. We’ve completed the first two sections of the boss battle, so that’s all yay and stuff! hahahahahahahahaha- and then the third part stretched out its long, dark death-like fingers and began to slowly suck away our souls….we’ve done the rounds (3 turns a person….we’re doing the rounds again….) It should NOT take 3 people to beat a game, but I guess you could look on the bright side and say that its bring more social aspects into the game….whatever! Its just wrong! Haha!

To sum it up thus far, the game is a lot of fun! I’d definitely reccommend it to EVERYONE, but that would also come with a warning….there will be hat throwing….and it will be fun….until you reach THE ROOM….and if you’ve read this and have played the game….you will know what room I am blabbering about. All I can say is that the ending better be worth it!!

I should probably stop writing, because I feel as though I am some sort of trauma victim who feels like there will be a time in her real life that hat throwing will become something VERY vital to her own existence….bye!

And then it dawned on me!

22 01 2008

How do I think of my ideas? Sometimes when I WANT to think of something, I sit down with a pile of blank sheets of loose leaf or a new word document, and stare at it. Does this work? No. I can’t think of a time when I was trying to think of an idea whether it be for a film or video game or comic strip, and have come up with something. It used to frustrate me alot because I would think “I have no skill! No talent! Ahhhh!” But then recently it dawned on me. I usually think of really great ideas, just not when I want to.

For example, for our board game project last quarter, some people were coming up with ideas and I was starting to frustrated that I couldn’t think of anything. Then it was the night before we HAD to decide what we were going to do and without really thinking, it just dawned on me! The same was with a recent film project for my visual effects class. I was trying to think of ideas, then it was the morning before class and I immediately just woke up and started writing! It was like I was possessed by someone else for a bit! And the idea was great and we used it! It was way better than the idea I thought of when I was forcing myself to think of one.

I think it’d be interesting to compile like a book or something of how people brainstorm. How they get their ideas. Especially in games. How did someone come up with Halo? “Okay, so I drew this dude in this space suit looking thing, but what if he was a part of the military….” I’d just really love to see that, especially from the games we all love. I know that when I was writing a paper on Tim Schafer, I came across an article where he described his process for coming up with the game Psychonauts. He basically created characters. He used a site similar to facebook and created profiles for these imaginary beings. From there, he discovered their likes and dislikes and just their character as a whole. So his process was more of discovery than inventing.

If anyone would like to comment on this post with their process for brainstorming for ideas, I’d love to read them!

Can my character have a family?

20 01 2008

I was thinking today about some of my favorite games. Those are the Sims, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing. Notice the pattern here? No? Well the pattern is…..they are the same game, basically. So at first I think that maybe subconsciously, I’m some sort of control freak or that I have some sort of god complex. Maybe its because sometimes I feel like I don’t have any control of certain family-oriented areas of my life that I like the feeling I get when I play such life simulation games.  I get to decide who each character likes, or who has a baby with who, or what I’m going to spend my day doing.

I think I have a thing for genetics. Not like I’m some sort of expert on it, but more like, I’m obsessed with them! In the Sims, I’ve realized that I tend to make it a game of “Okay, what if I take this sim that has blue eyes, blonde hair, a big nose, small jawline, and thin lips, and I breed him with a woman that has red hair, green eyes, big lips, small nose, etc.” Notice that I chose the word “breed”. I remember playing a game on my PC a long time ago, called Petz. The point of that game for me was to do the same thing except with dogs or cats. I love to see what the babies of these sims turn out to look like.

I’m not sure what that says about me, but man is it fun. I make up these stories of this long legacy of a family in this glorious sims neighborhood, living out their lives, meeting their loves, and going through the hard times. I tend to give them all their own personalities, completely unintentionally.

Sometimes when I’m thinking of video game ideas or I see new games coming out, I wish for there to be an option to pick someone to date and marry and have a family with. I just feel like it would add so much to the story. Especially if that child could grow up and you could decide who inherits what of your inventory, or you can train them to follow in your footsteps, etc. There’s so much you could do with a game that has that feature. So when I heard about the upcoming Fable 2, I was eager to check out how they handle it.

I guess I’m a total family type of girl. So I guess all of this wanting my characters to be able to have romance and families is just a weird extension of having that in my life and wanting that in my future. Weird how such interactive media can bring that out and make you really think about what you want out of life.

GDC Business Cards

19 01 2008

So since this is my first time going to GDC, I was curious as to what to do about business cards. I know everyone says that I need to bring them, but due to the fact that I’m not sure what area of game development I want to enter into I was concerned about what I should put as my title, or what I should say about what I want to do. That’d probably the most nervous I am about going to GDC. I am just learning pretty much everything, so I’m not the most confident as I could be about my game making abilities. I talked to Brenda about this concern and she said that I should  mention on my card being an aspiring game designer. And that the point of having these cards is to get the cards of other people, so that makes a lot more sense. So thanks to Brenda for putting my mind at ease about this. Check out her blog, she gives a lot of great advice about GDC and such, its listed in my blogroll at “Applied Game Design”.

So I’m excited about figuring out what I’m going to do about my own business cards! YAY! So I’ll be searching through designs and getting all eager about going to GDC!

My first 3d project

18 01 2008

So I’m finally being taught how to use Maya. Yay! We did an in class fish, but we have a project that involves us making our own fish. I’m going to do one that looks like a loch ness monster. I’m really excited. Haha!

Anyway, I’ve been having a great quarter so far, with learning Maya and working in Visual Effects as well. Today I get my new HP laptop and a King Cake that my mom sent me! So I’ll be pretty busy, but I’m going to make sure that I make a decent update today, so look here later tonight!