Can my character have a family?

20 01 2008

I was thinking today about some of my favorite games. Those are the Sims, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing. Notice the pattern here? No? Well the pattern is…..they are the same game, basically. So at first I think that maybe subconsciously, I’m some sort of control freak or that I have some sort of god complex. Maybe its because sometimes I feel like I don’t have any control of certain family-oriented areas of my life that I like the feeling I get when I play such life simulation games.  I get to decide who each character likes, or who has a baby with who, or what I’m going to spend my day doing.

I think I have a thing for genetics. Not like I’m some sort of expert on it, but more like, I’m obsessed with them! In the Sims, I’ve realized that I tend to make it a game of “Okay, what if I take this sim that has blue eyes, blonde hair, a big nose, small jawline, and thin lips, and I breed him with a woman that has red hair, green eyes, big lips, small nose, etc.” Notice that I chose the word “breed”. I remember playing a game on my PC a long time ago, called Petz. The point of that game for me was to do the same thing except with dogs or cats. I love to see what the babies of these sims turn out to look like.

I’m not sure what that says about me, but man is it fun. I make up these stories of this long legacy of a family in this glorious sims neighborhood, living out their lives, meeting their loves, and going through the hard times. I tend to give them all their own personalities, completely unintentionally.

Sometimes when I’m thinking of video game ideas or I see new games coming out, I wish for there to be an option to pick someone to date and marry and have a family with. I just feel like it would add so much to the story. Especially if that child could grow up and you could decide who inherits what of your inventory, or you can train them to follow in your footsteps, etc. There’s so much you could do with a game that has that feature. So when I heard about the upcoming Fable 2, I was eager to check out how they handle it.

I guess I’m a total family type of girl. So I guess all of this wanting my characters to be able to have romance and families is just a weird extension of having that in my life and wanting that in my future. Weird how such interactive media can bring that out and make you really think about what you want out of life.




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