And then it dawned on me!

22 01 2008

How do I think of my ideas? Sometimes when I WANT to think of something, I sit down with a pile of blank sheets of loose leaf or a new word document, and stare at it. Does this work? No. I can’t think of a time when I was trying to think of an idea whether it be for a film or video game or comic strip, and have come up with something. It used to frustrate me alot because I would think “I have no skill! No talent! Ahhhh!” But then recently it dawned on me. I usually think of really great ideas, just not when I want to.

For example, for our board game project last quarter, some people were coming up with ideas and I was starting to frustrated that I couldn’t think of anything. Then it was the night before we HAD to decide what we were going to do and without really thinking, it just dawned on me! The same was with a recent film project for my visual effects class. I was trying to think of ideas, then it was the morning before class and I immediately just woke up and started writing! It was like I was possessed by someone else for a bit! And the idea was great and we used it! It was way better than the idea I thought of when I was forcing myself to think of one.

I think it’d be interesting to compile like a book or something of how people brainstorm. How they get their ideas. Especially in games. How did someone come up with Halo? “Okay, so I drew this dude in this space suit looking thing, but what if he was a part of the military….” I’d just really love to see that, especially from the games we all love. I know that when I was writing a paper on Tim Schafer, I came across an article where he described his process for coming up with the game Psychonauts. He basically created characters. He used a site similar to facebook and created profiles for these imaginary beings. From there, he discovered their likes and dislikes and just their character as a whole. So his process was more of discovery than inventing.

If anyone would like to comment on this post with their process for brainstorming for ideas, I’d love to read them!




One response

23 01 2008

So far the most productive way for me was to grab a piece of paper and start writing (not as a cohesive text, just the frowzy ideas) and sketching when I have something on my mind.
It’s really a self-inductive process, more and more ideas will come, even when you look at the draft days later.
Then again, when I’m creating some treatment-sketch based on them, more details will come off, I start naming things and writing off the whole stuff more coherently, like someone other than me could understand it 🙂

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