Heavenly DEAR GOD when is it over?!

26 01 2008

Okay, so today I got my PS3 from home and 2 of my roommates and I decided to play it. I thought that I’d just show them a few levels and then we’d move on to other things, you know, like seeing the sun or taking a walk outside (which is for people who are lame!). This of course led to spending the entire day beating the game. As I speak, my roommate, Sarah, is still working on the final part of the final boss battle.

The game was going at a great pace! Really enjoyable! We were all loving it! (insert more generic praise here). Then we found the room. The room with a door and a wheel that opens it. And in this room is a box of hats, and behind the door is a gong that opens another door. Jolly good times, right? Well here’s the thing, we probably spent about a good 45 minutes in this room alone. Were those 45 minutes spent fighting bad guys? No. Were they spent collecting precious items? No. Well then maybe they were spent making clay pottery that is decorated in fine jewelry? No, and what?  We spent that time tossing a hat at the gong behind the fast shutting door. For example, lets say that when you turned the wheel, the door opens. This door stays open for 5 seconds. You then have to run across the room and grab a hat out of a box, this takes about 2 seconds (which you have to be in the exactly correct position to grab a hat….Nariko does NOT like to compromise). Then you must turn Nariko in the precise position for tossing at the gong, which when you do, she turns a complete left instead of a slight left that is required. This takes about 1.5 seconds. You must then toss the hat and direct it to the gong. This takes about 2 seconds….the door is closed. You suck.

Well after some hat tossing and body throwing, we got the idea of throwing a sword. Failure, because you must have it handy right by the wheel in order to save time. A task, which is VERY hard to accomplish. Even though Nariko has no problem killing an entire army, tossing hats is an art all to its own. We finally got it right, by studying the physics of the game to an extent that no gamer should ever have to do. It was not fun….it was frustrating.

So then after the trauma we suffered, the rest of the game was fun! Pure excitement everywhere! YAY Life! Then we finally reach the epic and anticipated FINAL BOSS!!! So the game alone was probably about 7 hours…..we have been “beating” the boss for the past 3 hours…….3 hours…..Is there something wrong with us? Did we suffer too much trauma from the hat tossing to complete our ninja training?? I don’t know, but we’re still at it. We’ve completed the first two sections of the boss battle, so that’s all yay and stuff! hahahahahahahahaha- and then the third part stretched out its long, dark death-like fingers and began to slowly suck away our souls….we’ve done the rounds (3 turns a person….we’re doing the rounds again….) It should NOT take 3 people to beat a game, but I guess you could look on the bright side and say that its bring more social aspects into the game….whatever! Its just wrong! Haha!

To sum it up thus far, the game is a lot of fun! I’d definitely reccommend it to EVERYONE, but that would also come with a warning….there will be hat throwing….and it will be fun….until you reach THE ROOM….and if you’ve read this and have played the game….you will know what room I am blabbering about. All I can say is that the ending better be worth it!!

I should probably stop writing, because I feel as though I am some sort of trauma victim who feels like there will be a time in her real life that hat throwing will become something VERY vital to her own existence….bye!




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