Down Time

29 02 2008

Hey guys! I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, but its hitting finals for school right about now, so I’ll try to give a good post some time this weekend, maybe on Sunday evening, but just bare with me for now! In an upcoming post, I’d like to discuss the main characters of games and the rules involved in creating them. Basically wondering if it would work to change those rules. So stay tuned!



24 02 2008

So I went to San Francisco to be a CA (conference associate) at this year’s GDC. I was soooo nervous because I’d be meeting all of these new people! I got my brightly colored pink shirt and badge and was on my way to becoming a CA! My first job? Being a bouncer for Microsoft! Hahaha! No, really. I had to keep people off their couches because they weren’t open yet. Exciting.

Over the next few days, I met, traded business cards, and worked at GDC. I also did some sight-seeing. My boyfriend, DJ, and I went to LucasArts and took a tour by one of the guys who works there (a friend of mine). It was so exciting to actually see the workstations and other designers and modelers, etc. At the end of our tour I remember DJ telling our guide that a smile never left my face the entire time, which I realized was true. My cheeks did hurt! The facility is absolutely beautiful and you can tell they want to keep their employees very happy.

My birthday was on the 21st and it was a great one! I’m 20 now! Yay! I worked at the LucasArts presentation of the Force Unleashed, where they revealed actual gameplay for the first time! And the game looks amazing! Afterward, I wanted to talk to another LucasArts person. I was going after Haden Black, but he was so busy that i decided to go ahead and approach one of the others. I ended up talking to a producer at LucasArts and we had a great discussion about what I should be focusing on and such.

On my last day, at my last session, one of my dreams came true! I stood there with a friend, Matt, and handed out evaluation forms to people entering the session. I looked over and saw a woman standing with two men talking. I didn’t think twice about it until she looked in my direction. It was Jade Raymond. I couldn’t believe it! I had admired her work for so long! It was the first time I ever felt like a fanboy or girl….uh yeah. So she walks into our session. Matt says, “Hey I love your game!” and she smiles and says thanks. I just stand there with my mouth open and utter, “yeah.” As soon as she walked by us I was hitting myself thinking “What?! What did I just say?! That’s it?!”

The session began. It was all about Stranglehold’s Tequila bombs! I had never played Stranglehold, but I think now I’m going to have to check it out! It was a great session! But I was wondering “Okay, how should I approach her?” And then after the session they left. I was so bummed because I couldn’t believe I had actually chickened out. I then looked out the door and I could see her talking at the end of the hall. I knew I had to say something! Anything!

So as she was walking down the hall towards us, I just took a deep breath and went for it! I’m sure I looked rather silly and red in the face. And I’m pretty sure I started off babbling a little. Haha! But she was so nice and talked to me for a good bit! I calmed down the more the convo went on. And then I gave her business card and she gave me hers. We parted ways and I walked back to Matt and our supervisor and I was so happy and so proud of myself that I had done it! And after something like that, I feel like I can totally approach anyone!

So I suppose in a day or two I’ll be starting my emails out to everyone I met! Yay! It was such a great experience and even though I was tired at the end of it all (I believe I slept til noon today…), I didn’t want it to end. I can’t wait for next year!

GDC Return

24 02 2008

Hey everyone! I’m just back from GDC! Woooo, I’m sooooo worn out, but I promise I will give you a day-by-day summaries of all my activities hopefully tomorrow! Yay!

Business Cards again!

11 02 2008

So I know I’m a bit late on this, but I have officially ordered my business cards. I’ll post a pic once they come in which should be on Wednesday or Thursday. But I do have a picture of what I submitted with Overnight Prints!


My second Maya Project!

10 02 2008

So here’s the result of my second maya project. I think I took off more than I can chew with the time limit and other classes I had to worry about, but I’m VERY proud of the actual model. I would like to really redo the texture though. Since I’m just learning, I think I messed up the UV map somewhere because it gave me a LOT of problems.


My Character Died!

7 02 2008

So what if there were a game that when you died in it, your character died. Like as in, they don’t come back. I don’t mean where you have a game over and have to start from the beginning or a save point. What if, when your character dies, you have to be someone else. And that new character has to figure out what’s going on and continue the mission of your original character.

Although, I suppose it wouldn’t quite work in game where the main character is “the one” and stuff. But maybe some games could work with this mechanic. For example….

Billy is trying to find clues to his father’s recent disappearance. As he travels along, meeting new people, gathering more clues, and fighting random bad guys for informaton, he gets killed. fade to black. Do you want to continue? Yes. The screen fades back in and you are Billy’s best friend, Hannah. You’re attending his funeral and go to console his grieving mother. You end up going to his place to help his mother collect a few things, when you discover a notebook of his adventures. Will Hannah continue his mission?

It would be interesting to see what could be possible with it. And would give some consequence to negligent playing. But I wonder if it would be too much of a pain, to be playing as this one character for so long and then due to some stupid mistake, they die. Now of course, we have to keep in mind that technically, a player could just restart their game to the last save, so we’d have to figure out a way around that. Maybe when the character dies, there will be an autosave that will save over the last saved file. Hmmmm, perhaps this mechanic would be too cruel.

Well it’s just an idea that I’d like to see developed a little further, as least just to see what is possible.

Relationship Gaming

4 02 2008

I recently read an article on about women bashing the fact that men play video games and relating it to being immature. Then I read an article of a woman standing up for men, saying wait a second! Women play games too! And we enjoy them! And in fact, men and women playing together is a great bonding experience!

Well now, I have had good experiences and bad experiences with the gaming boyfriend. But how, you might ask, for you are a gamer too! Well, I think like any thing in a relationship, there must be balance. I had a past boyfriend, lets call him Joe. And I have a current boyfriend, lets call him, Han (b/c I love Han Solo, so deal with it!). Anyway, when I was dating Joe, he was just getting back into gaming. I introduced to him some games that I had playing around with, like Guild Wars, God of War, and other games. He really latched onto Guild Wars. I’ve never been a huge MMO person, but I enjoyed the occasional play. But he really liked to play during any and all spare time.  This annoyed me and I felt like I was becoming one of those girlfriends. You know, the ones that hate it when they call their boyfriends to find that they’ve been playing a game all day and hate it! It was sickening. Haha. But With the current boyfriend, Han, he tries to include me in any game he plays. I never thought I’d really get into Halo, until he invited me to play with him or even Madden. And even though, I was against football games, the bonding that occurred while playing a game like Madden was so intense! What I think makes his way of gaming work with having a girlfriend is that, when I call and I NEED to talk or whatever, he’ll finish up whatever match or level he’s on and call me back right away. But most of the time, I have no problem with him playing any game! He’s always invited me to play with him, even when he was playing Resident Evil 4. I’m such a coward when it comes to games like that, but he only played it when I was around b/c I wanted to see it. It was like an interactive movie date!

So I don’t know about all of this “My-boyfriend-is-less-of-a-man-b/c-he-plays-video-games”! I agree that playing games together can be a truly bonding experience and not just in a romantic relationship, but also in friendships and among sibling. My and one of my sisters got really close when we started to play a lot of Rock Band and Mario Party (whichever one was on the Gamecube). And my friends and I beat Heavenly Sword together recently! That was so much fun and we still have our own little inside jokes about it!

When Han came to Savannah to visit me, the pressure was really off when he and I and all of my friends just played halo 3 multiplayer together! It really relaxed everyone! So I think games are great to bonding in any way and a great ice breaker too!

Above is where the defending article is.