The Tragedy of my DS

5 03 2008

So as you all know, I attended GDC this year – YAY! And so on the way back to Savannah, I had to take a flight that went from San Francisco to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Savannah. The first flight was delayed, giving us only 30 minutes to get out, go to our next gate and get on the next plane! I didn’t take my DS out the whole flight, but at one point I do remember picking up my bag and noticing that I left it unzipped. I really didn’t think anything fell out and we were in such a rush that I did not check. I made it to my next flight, DJ ended up sleeping in the airport (he missed his….). I got on my plane JUST in time and sat down all out of breath cause I had seriously been running. So I sat there, the plane took off, I got bored, so I thought I’d play some more Phoenix Wright. I opened my bag, stuck my hand in and felt around. I didn’t feel my DS anywhere. I basically emptied my bag right there, and my DS was no where to be found.

I had left it on the other plane! I called the lost and found the next morning, but of course, no one had reported it. So now I’m completely DS-less. 😦 I miss my nightly games of Phoenix Wright, Rune Factory, Pokemon Silver, and Animal Crossing….they were like my bedtime stories.

Just thought I’d share the heart string pulling tragedy of a lost DS forever….




One response

5 03 2008
Darius K.

Lost my DS the same way. Not on this trip, but about 9 months ago.

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