8 03 2008

So my final in my 3D Modeling for Game Development class is a human. And its coming along, slowly…..very slowly….I’m pretty proud of what I have so far and will be posting some pictures of it later on, maybe tomorrow evening.

I promise once finals are over, I’ll be more free to add something of substance on here! Oh! And I am sooooo excited about the Sims 3! It needs to be here now! I’ve also decided to attempt to get my mother to play a Wii game with me. She played Rock Band with me, DJ, two of my sisters, and one of my sister’s boyfriend’s, Robert. And she reeeeally loved it and had a lot of fun. She’s a biology nut (she teaches it) and loves surgery shows. So I think we may play some Trauma Center: New Blood. Haha, yeah I know, its totally over the top, but I think she’d enjoy it. Do ya’ll have any other recommendations? I don’t want to overwhelm her.




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