Upcoming Project??

10 03 2008

So I am currently working on something, not game related. Its just a side project. It’ll premiere or at least have the beginnings by March 25th. So stay tuned! No one knows about it yet and no one shall know until it is ready to be unveiled! Muwahahahaha, I know this will drive my roommates crazy….haha!
I’m also going to be applying for an internship at Turbo Squid for the summer. Sooooo yay me! Haha.

My human model is coming along nicely. Instead of modeling it from a box shape, I’m trying to see what will happen if I use planes. So far so good, haha!

I also installed the new Sims 2 expansion pack, Free Time. Its great. The additions are wonderful and add so much more fun to the game. Though, it still has quite a few bugs in it. I’ve never really noticed any in the previous expansions, or at least not too many at all, but this one…well….I could name quite a few. Luckily, Maxis actually interacts with its players and actually reads their message boards, where there are two huge threads for people to list all the problems they have been having.

And no, I have not played Super Smash Brothers Brawl yet today and probably won’t until I start my Spring Break. I mean, come on, I have finals and those are killing me softly as it is.

I’ve been learning how to use the Green Screen for my Visual Effects class. And for my final project we have to have 5 green screen shots. I’m having some major problems with two of my green screen shots. of course. And I’m not a big fan of After Effects at all, either. But I’m doing the best I can and I’ll finally get that finished completely by tomorrow evening. YAY!




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