My To-Do List

11 03 2008

So I have a week off for Spring Break. Unfortunately, I will not have access to my desktop, so no model making. But I want to work on my new project. I want to get some people organized to create those tutorial videos for Maya 2008 – assign jobs to them and get those videos done. Before I leave, I want to have my first human model and my loch ness monster be the first two entries into my 3D portfolio. I want to write up a resume and send it to TurboSquid so I can hopefully get an interview over spring break. If I have time after I finish my finals, I want to redo my car project. I have a lot of ambitions. Haha.

So that’s my to do list for the rest of this week and next week. When I come back, I want to start working on a side project. I want to do another 3D model. Not sure of what yet. Maybe another human. You know? Just trying to learn as I go and get better for next time. What’s everyone else doing for spring break? Anyone as ambitious as I am? Hahaha




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