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27 03 2008

You know, today I sat in my environment and level design class and we all presented our concepts for the look and feel of our levels. Everyone obviously was really enthusiastic about it and excited to work on their levels, but there was definitely a running theme. Everyone was going for that outdoor caves, temples, jungle-like browns and greens look. This something I really tried to stay away from and so I did an idea of the people of earth living above the clouds because earth has become too dangerous and too much of a risk to live on. The civilization that has been chosen to live above the clouds, live in these glass domes that are all connected by tubes that have trains running from one to the other. The civilization is in the form of a ring around the earth, kind of like a ring around Saturn. Although, not everyone was able to go live above the clouds. The mostly forgotten civilization of the people left on earth is very poor in every way. People from earth are always trying to beg their way to the domes above.

There is also a special forces team that is there to take care of supplying water from earth to the people in the domes. Factories cover the earth, processing food and water for the people in the domes. This team has to take several trips to earth to manage the factories. I think the game will center around a member of that team and his or her struggle as the first generation of people born in the domes. His experiences going back to earth and his relationships with people in the domes.

So now! To model it all! Hahaha! For the purposes of this class (I know I cannot make the full out game), I’m trying to figure out what to do. Do I make some sort of capture the flag game, or a death match or what? Anyone have some ideas? Keep in mind that I now I have 9 weeks to create it all from scratch and we will be using the Unreal Tournament III engine.




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6 04 2008

I suppose the type of level you make it into will be a direct reflection of what kind of game it is. How does it play? How does it feel to move around? Is it multiplayer? If not, how does the story progress or is it an open world envrionment? Is it a shooter or an RPG? When those questions get answered, if they haven’t already, then I think it will be easy for you to figure out what to do.

And my personal opinion is that the whole FPS multiplayer level thing is a little tired and cliche. I like your ideas, though, so best of luck to you.

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