28 04 2008

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, guys, things have been sooo extremely busy. Good news is that today I found out that I got the internship at TurboSquid! I’m so happy and so excited to finally be getting some experience with what I’ve been learning in a real-life setting! I’m also so excited to have a lot more networking opportunities too!

I also recently got the game, Stranglehold! So far, I’ve had soooo much fun playing it! Its one of the most fun group games too, b/c even for people just watching its soooo entertaining! Hahaha! We were all so astonished to witness the way that the AI reacted to getting shot in the place that we shot them and not just fall over.

I’ll give you guys all the details of my internship next week!


Update on Life!

23 04 2008

So today I had my professor do a demo on UV mapping from simple stuff to more complex things and it reeeally helped alot! I took down a lot of notes to remember where everything is and all, but I am sooo glad that I asked him to do it b/c now I feel a lot better, as if I know more about what I am doing.

I got my registration time ticket today to register for my classes for next Fall. I’m thinking about taking Game Design Criticism and Analysis, C++ Programming I, and Digital 3D Visual Effects. I’m also thinking of taking 20th Century Art online over the summer.

You know, I was thinking of taking some Sequential Art classes at some point. I think it would really help my drawing skills and I’ve always had a fond love for comics. Might be fun. I figured out that technically I have enough classes to take Sequential Art as a minor and have a double minor (Visual Effects and Sequential Art), but I don’t know if I’m going to actually take it as a minor. I might just take a few classes, like Intro and drawing for sequential.

Missing Info?

21 04 2008

Sometimes I feel like I’m missing something with Maya. Like as if I wasn’t taught a lot of things. But I’m attending a Maya tutorial session this Thursday at 8:30pm here at SCAD in hopes to pick up any info I have missed. Especially with UV mapping, which seems to be my biggest problem. I find UV mapping to be very unpredictable, but I’m going to do a few tutorials tonight and all and see if I can figure it out.

Awesome Project!

21 04 2008

So I finished my second Matte Painting!

And then I helped out my neighbor and good friend, Chris New with his photography project! Look!

Elle, where are you?!

14 04 2008

I’ll tell you where, I am lost in the world of Guild Wars. I realized something this weekend when I decided to dive back into the world of Guild Wars. I think I may be a lone gamer. Well, I prefer to be a lone gamer. I’d rather experience a game on my own and enjoy it on my own. Well maybe at least as far as MMOs are concerned. I just rather doing all my quests on my own and get annoyed when I HAVE to get other people involved. I think I’ll enjoy it better when I can help other people (once I’ve leveled up a lot more). But I enjoyed my stint in GW (that means, Guild Wars. Its what all the cool people do.) this weekend and will probably occasionally play more.

Also, I haven’t beat Crisis Core yet because I got to the last area before my final battle and I realized that I need to level up….like…8 more levels to confidently beat the last boss. I haven’t even touched it all weekend due to the repetition of the side missions. They are all the same! You enter an area, walk across the level to find the main “boss” of it and kill him. Not very hard, just boring. There’s really no story to them. I mean, they say there is, but it just doesn’t help me want to get there. The main game is amazing! The story is so compelling. If only I could sit down and make myself play through the side missions so I can finish the main game….it really shouldn’t feel like a chore.

I kind of want to eventually comment on this Resident Evil 5 stuff that’s going on, but I also want to ignore it and not even say anything because truly nothing should have to be said about it except how excited we all are to play it!

Level Design is difficult. You don’t even think about it until you have to make one and then suddenly you feel like you don’t play enough games. I’ve drawn and re-drawn out the layout of my level like 20 times and I’m still unsatisfied with it. I decided to not have anyone go into any of the buildings in my city and instead keep it as an outside battle. I think that’ll take a lot of stress out and then I can just focus on making the actual outside city look amazing. I’ve been collecting textures as well, so yeah. I’ve modeled a few of the houses and marketplace buildings, but I still have a long way to go. I need to have another model session of just sitting at my computer for a few hours and modeling house after house, building after building, etc.
I started a new blog. Woooo! Another one to keep up with…oy vey. No, this one will be more relaxed. I’ll only update every so often. I’ve always had this talent and passion for baking, like from scratch. So I’ve decided to start doing more of that by making cupcakes, cookies, cakes, etc. My roommates are going to be soooo fat! Good! My plan is working! hahaha, I’m so strange. Anyway, go check out my first project on that. The link is under “Food” on the side bar. Sooooo yeah, if you have any awesome recipes let me know! I’ll be giving away some baked goods to students to get their opinions and stuff too, so if you “live” at Monty, consider yourself lucky….and pretty sure to gave like 10 lbs!

Burn the Rope!

8 04 2008

So as many of you may have already heard of or played Burn the Rope, I wanted to write up something that’s on my mind about objectives in games. Spoilers for the game above are ahead, so if you haven’t played it yet, you’d better go hit the link above! Anyway, I don’t know about anyone else who played it, but the game starts out and as you’re walking down this hall way or tunnel, the instructions are revealed to the player, but when the time actually comes you second guess it and think that maybe there’s more to it than that or maybe that “Burn the Rope” means something else. To be honest, I didn’t even know where the rope was at first, even though I saw the chandelier. It took my two times of jumping around up there that I realized that what was holding up the chandelier was a rope! Hahaha, I couldn’t believe it because I was looking for something not so in your face. I was completely over thinking the entire thing to the point where I ignored the obvious.

I guess that we’re so used to solving these elaborate puzzles (Zelda-like puzzles) that to practically be handed the wining ticket is really unbelievable. But it still makes you feel good about yourself! So go and enjoy it! And think about if winning was still as satisfying.

The Xbox Wii-mote

7 04 2008

So I was venturing on Kotaku today and saw a story about Microsoft developing a motion sensing feature, using a remote that looks very similar to the Wii-mote. You can check out that story here. While it may not be true, I wanted to tackle my opinion and others’ opinions on it.

Some people, who I like to call, fanboys are this close to through riots. I realize that you can not see the measurement of closeness that I am trying to dictate, so we’ll say the length of a Kiwi close to going nuts. And its not just Xbox fanboys, its also Nintendo fanboys. Everyone seems to be outraged that Microsoft would DARE to copy someone else. The thing is, this is not unheard of. Any many of you students of game development and actual developers know, that copying good ideas happens all the time in this industry. I bet a lot of people would be surprised to realize how some of their games have very similar gameplay or story as others.

The thing is, I think that having a motion sensing Xbox remote would be VERY beneficial to the Xbox community. So I don’t think any big fanboys of Xbox should be upset at all. This is one of the best things that could happen to them. As extremely mainstream as the Xbox 360 is, it will bring in even more people if it had the capabilities that the Wii did. I know that my mother, for example, is soooo intimidated by the controllers of the PS3 and Xbox 360 that she’d rather go pick up the Wii-mote. So I think it’d be a great asset for the Xbox community to have. A casual gamer would have the option right there to play something more “hardcore” than just Puzzle Quest or something. Don’t get me wrong though, Puzzle Quest is hardcore, but I mean something like Call of Cuty 4 or Mass Effect. I think it would get them more interested and if they have the option to play something like that without having to a buy a whole new system, they’d be so happy to!

So Xbox players, don’t fret, for this could be not true, but if it is, accept it! It would be a good move for the company you love.