Visual Effects and Stuff

2 04 2008

So I’ve been learning Matte Painting….it is soooo much fun!!! I can’t wait to incorporate some 3D structures with a matte painting in the background! I made Savannah look like it got snowed in! The class is a lot of fun and the work is awesome.

Level design class is also soooo much fun! We finally looked at the Unreal III editor, and I was a little overwhelmed, but VERY excited to get started. We have done an art bible and style guide for our environments so far, and next we’re doing an Art Board. So if anyone has some good reference pictures of deconstructivism architecture please send me a link or something! Thanks a bunch!

Well that’s a good update for now.

Crisis Core is sucking a lot of my time away, but its so very worth it. The story is great and the gameplay is a lot of fun too. Its not as good as say a big console game would be, but its perfect for a portable game with plenty of save points!




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