Elle, where are you?!

14 04 2008

I’ll tell you where, I am lost in the world of Guild Wars. I realized something this weekend when I decided to dive back into the world of Guild Wars. I think I may be a lone gamer. Well, I prefer to be a lone gamer. I’d rather experience a game on my own and enjoy it on my own. Well maybe at least as far as MMOs are concerned. I just rather doing all my quests on my own and get annoyed when I HAVE to get other people involved. I think I’ll enjoy it better when I can help other people (once I’ve leveled up a lot more). But I enjoyed my stint in GW (that means, Guild Wars. Its what all the cool people do.) this weekend and will probably occasionally play more.

Also, I haven’t beat Crisis Core yet because I got to the last area before my final battle and I realized that I need to level up….like…8 more levels to confidently beat the last boss. I haven’t even touched it all weekend due to the repetition of the side missions. They are all the same! You enter an area, walk across the level to find the main “boss” of it and kill him. Not very hard, just boring. There’s really no story to them. I mean, they say there is, but it just doesn’t help me want to get there. The main game is amazing! The story is so compelling. If only I could sit down and make myself play through the side missions so I can finish the main game….it really shouldn’t feel like a chore.

I kind of want to eventually comment on this Resident Evil 5 stuff that’s going on, but I also want to ignore it and not even say anything because truly nothing should have to be said about it except how excited we all are to play it!

Level Design is difficult. You don’t even think about it until you have to make one and then suddenly you feel like you don’t play enough games. I’ve drawn and re-drawn out the layout of my level like 20 times and I’m still unsatisfied with it. I decided to not have anyone go into any of the buildings in my city and instead keep it as an outside battle. I think that’ll take a lot of stress out and then I can just focus on making the actual outside city look amazing. I’ve been collecting textures as well, so yeah. I’ve modeled a few of the houses and marketplace buildings, but I still have a long way to go. I need to have another model session of just sitting at my computer for a few hours and modeling house after house, building after building, etc.
I started a new blog. Woooo! Another one to keep up with…oy vey. No, this one will be more relaxed. I’ll only update every so often. I’ve always had this talent and passion for baking, like from scratch. So I’ve decided to start doing more of that by making cupcakes, cookies, cakes, etc. My roommates are going to be soooo fat! Good! My plan is working! hahaha, I’m so strange. Anyway, go check out my first project on that. The link is under “Food” on the side bar. Sooooo yeah, if you have any awesome recipes let me know! I’ll be giving away some baked goods to students to get their opinions and stuff too, so if you “live” at Monty, consider yourself lucky….and pretty sure to gave like 10 lbs!




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