Update on Life!

23 04 2008

So today I had my professor do a demo on UV mapping from simple stuff to more complex things and it reeeally helped alot! I took down a lot of notes to remember where everything is and all, but I am sooo glad that I asked him to do it b/c now I feel a lot better, as if I know more about what I am doing.

I got my registration time ticket today to register for my classes for next Fall. I’m thinking about taking Game Design Criticism and Analysis, C++ Programming I, and Digital 3D Visual Effects. I’m also thinking of taking 20th Century Art online over the summer.

You know, I was thinking of taking some Sequential Art classes at some point. I think it would really help my drawing skills and I’ve always had a fond love for comics. Might be fun. I figured out that technically I have enough classes to take Sequential Art as a minor and have a double minor (Visual Effects and Sequential Art), but I don’t know if I’m going to actually take it as a minor. I might just take a few classes, like Intro and drawing for sequential.




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23 04 2008

what college do you go to???

27 04 2008

…just wondering because I’m looking at colleges to go to right now.

28 04 2008
Brian Shurtleff

Brenda’s Game Crit class is a blast. =)
Haven’t taken the other two…

Also, congrats on your internship, if your facebook status is any indication. 😉 What will you do there?

28 04 2008

I attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. A great school for game design and development. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at GoMunster@gmail.com

29 04 2008

Oh and thanks, Brian!

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