Hi, my name is Elle and my Wii abuses me…

15 05 2008

Sometimes I feel completely fulfilled by the Wii, and other times, I feel like I’ve just been had and left in a dark, cold alley for the cats and rats to feed on. Right now, I’m kind of feeling the latter. There’s just not enough space for all the games I would or could download on my Wii. While I hope that Nintendo releases some sort of hard drive that can hold all my games on, I still get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach with the idea of having to shell out even more cash. It leaves me looking at the Xbox 360 – that I still plan on getting once I’ve saved the money- with eyes of longing and achievements taunting me with their points and funny names. Oh how I wish to gather achievements of my own one day. This is a semi-secret longing that the boyfriend doesn’t know about because I looove to tease him about being an achievement whore. He will buy just about any game, just to get the achievements. He isn’t too bad though, I mean, he DID mention wanting to by that Avatar the Airbender or whatever its called just to get the achievements…I call THAT a problem, but he has resisted.

He has also recently bought World of Warcraft. A game that I once played, but lacked the motivation enough to pay for it monthly. At first, I was a little wary about this purchase. I thought, “Here we go. We’re about to lose a good one, ladies.” but then I remembered something. My boyfriend is a frat boy gamer. I have no problem with this. I’d rather him play Halo, CoD, and Madden anytime over spending obscene amounts of time playing RPG like an recovering addict during a relapse. Now, I’m not saying that WoW is a bad thing! I love to play MMO’s. As you all know, I recently played a stint of Guild Wars. I only have a problem when people get addicted and its all they can talk about or think about.

Oh! Good news! Wait, did I ever tell you the bad news? I don’t think I did. Well I was playing Stranglehold, got to a certain point on a helicopter and stopped playing. Went to continue playing the next day and every time I press the R button to shoot, the game would freeze my entire PS3! After several tries, we decided to bring it back to Best Buy and get a new copy. I went to return it (a week after I bought it) and found out something rather scary or shocking to me. Best Buy no longer carries the PS3 version of Stranglehold, but they still have the Xbox 360 version and the special edition for the Xbox 360. I was able to get a full refund of my money and I was able to order it online on Best Buy’s website at a lower price than I had originally paid for it. So I guess it was kind of a win situation for me.

Oh! I recently found this artist through Penny Arcade‘s forums and I just had to mention him. His name is Darren Calvert, and he’s done a lot of illustration work and I just really love his work. So give him a visit and maybe even an email to tell him what you think, he loves feedback. The guy actually answered a lot of my questions about his process of drawing and has helped me out!


WiiWare and Other Such Excitement

14 05 2008

So I’m really excited about WiiWare! I’ve been wanting more and more games for the Wii and am excited to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, and Lost Winds. I hear mixed reviews about the FFCC game, but I’m hopeful, since I do like the Sims, Sim City, and other games of that sort. I keep hearing good things about Lost Winds, so I’m sure that’ll be enjoyable.

I’ve been playing Professor Layton and I have to say that I don’t so much care for the story, I kind of tap away the dialog as fast as possible just to get to the next puzzle. But its an interesting, quirky sort of game and I do know what’s going on in the story. So obviously, I actually do care about the story enough to keep playing.

I’m very excited about the Penny Arcade game. I think it will be a great. I’m a huge fan of the Penny Arcade guys, they can always make me laugh out loud, so I think I’m going to really enjoy their first game hitting Xbox Live and your PC, Mac, or Linux this May 21st! By the way, their fifth book is out May 25th!  I really admire their style in both writing and drawing and wish I could like apprentice under them or something! Haha! Anyway, I have my schedule for school for the summer and fall.

Summer: (ONLINE)

Game Design Criticism and Analysis

Intro to Sequential Art


Digital 3D Visual Effects I

Life Drawing I

English elective

So I’m looking forward to getting back into drawing more. And doing even more modeling, before I hit my Studio I and II classes.


8 05 2008

So I think I should tell you all more about TurboSquid, for all who may not know about it. TurboSquid is basically an online marketplace for 3D artists. You can buy and sell your own models, use the forums for finding modelers or jobs, find great software and game levels to work with, etc! I recommend checking it out for your own projects or for learning.

I once downloaded a human model to help me figure out a good method of going about modeling my own human. So go check it out! They do have free models too! So to sum it all up, TurboSquid sells 3D models! Go now! Check it out! Upload and download models!

I’m Sick – Bleh

7 05 2008

So I have secured an internship this summer at Turbo Squid. I’ll be doing several different things. I’ll be aiding the marketing department and creating models. I’ll be doing lots of the brunt work as interns do, but I’ll still be modeling and stuff! Its an unpaid internship, but I think it’ll be a lot of fun and a great experience.

There’s a lot I want to do especially over the summer. I’d really like to get a Cintiq. This one would be great! I’m thinking of putting up my paypal link on here for donations! Hahaha! You never know, someone might be feeling generous one day. Anyway, I’ll be back later tonight to update some more!

Rated M

5 05 2008

I just have to say how annoyed I was when I went to Best Buy the other day to buy Stranglehold and Hard Boiled. Stranglehold is rated M and Hard Boiled is rated R. I went to check out and the woman scanned Hard Boiled and didn’t say a thing, but when she scanned Stranglehold she said, “Are you aware that this game is rated M?” I said, “Yes I am,” handed over my ID and blah blah blah. Great, right? Well, I was kind of annoyed that I didn’t get carded for the R rated movie… I mean, this is just funny because I was buying a game and movie….the game is based off the movie….soooo technically, they should be considered just as harmful to children whether game or movie. I know I’d never let my kids watch or play either until they were old enough. I dunno, I think movies and games should get the same rating system, and the same treatment. It was just something that bothered me. But I am glad that I was carded anyway, b/c that means the woman was doing her job!