Rated M

5 05 2008

I just have to say how annoyed I was when I went to Best Buy the other day to buy Stranglehold and Hard Boiled. Stranglehold is rated M and Hard Boiled is rated R. I went to check out and the woman scanned Hard Boiled and didn’t say a thing, but when she scanned Stranglehold she said, “Are you aware that this game is rated M?” I said, “Yes I am,” handed over my ID and blah blah blah. Great, right? Well, I was kind of annoyed that I didn’t get carded for the R rated movie… I mean, this is just funny because I was buying a game and movie….the game is based off the movie….soooo technically, they should be considered just as harmful to children whether game or movie. I know I’d never let my kids watch or play either until they were old enough. I dunno, I think movies and games should get the same rating system, and the same treatment. It was just something that bothered me. But I am glad that I was carded anyway, b/c that means the woman was doing her job!




One response

8 05 2008
Brian Shurtleff

Ah well, there is of course the old argument that because you’re the one actively committing all the violence in a game (rather than passively observing it in a film) it’s worse for you.

Don’t know if I buy into that, but it’s out there.

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