WiiWare and Other Such Excitement

14 05 2008

So I’m really excited about WiiWare! I’ve been wanting more and more games for the Wii and am excited to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, and Lost Winds. I hear mixed reviews about the FFCC game, but I’m hopeful, since I do like the Sims, Sim City, and other games of that sort. I keep hearing good things about Lost Winds, so I’m sure that’ll be enjoyable.

I’ve been playing Professor Layton and I have to say that I don’t so much care for the story, I kind of tap away the dialog as fast as possible just to get to the next puzzle. But its an interesting, quirky sort of game and I do know what’s going on in the story. So obviously, I actually do care about the story enough to keep playing.

I’m very excited about the Penny Arcade game. I think it will be a great. I’m a huge fan of the Penny Arcade guys, they can always make me laugh out loud, so I think I’m going to really enjoy their first game hitting Xbox Live and your PC, Mac, or Linux this May 21st! By the way, their fifth book is out May 25th!  I really admire their style in both writing and drawing and wish I could like apprentice under them or something! Haha! Anyway, I have my schedule for school for the summer and fall.

Summer: (ONLINE)

Game Design Criticism and Analysis

Intro to Sequential Art


Digital 3D Visual Effects I

Life Drawing I

English elective

So I’m looking forward to getting back into drawing more. And doing even more modeling, before I hit my Studio I and II classes.




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