Penny Arcade and Final Fantasy

3 06 2008

Hey guys! Sorry about the craziness of not updating in like forever! I’ve finally gotten back home and settled, so here we go!

While I was up at school, I played and finished the Penny Arcade game, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, and I have to say that it was probably the most fun I’ve had in a while. And it made me feel good when I beat it, since it only takes about 8 hours to beat. I love short games! I love love love ’em! That satisfaction of getting a good story and game in only a few hours is waaaaay more appealing than having to spend like 20 to 50 hours playing ANYTHING else. I think the game was handled with such love and care that it was VERY refreshing to see. I do read Penny Arcade, the comic, and enjoy it sooo much, but I don’t think you have to be a PA reader in order to enjoy this masterpiece. Definitely go at it with an open mind and expect the unexpected and embrace the crazy. I’m so looking forward to the next 3 installments!

Last night I finally beat Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as King, and well, I’m not sure how to describe it. I was a lot fun until the last like 4 or so hours of the game. There was essentially nothing for me to do during the last leg of the game. I gave out orders to the adventurers in the morning and then I’d just stand around and talk to random people. Then it’d be my bedtime and the cycle would just start over again. But the first bit of it was exciting! Getting enough material to build more houses or shops or gaming halls, etc!

So tomorrow begins my internship at TurboSquid! I’m excited and a little nervous. Tonight I might be starting Mass Effect. I know, I know, its a bit late in the game to be finally starting that game, but hey, I’ve been busy! And I lack an Xbox, so now I’m going to be playing on my boyfriend’s Xbox 360.

I’ve been playing Professor Layton. Its fun, but man, do I feel stupid and very frustrated alot with it! Sometimes, some of the puzzles don’t seem like they really make sense at all, but perhaps that is my lack of puzzle solving skills. Pokemon Puzzle League on the Wii (a virtual console download) is a lot of fun. And as my roommate, Sarah, knows its great for a quick break! “CHARRRRBUCK!” hahahaha Anyway….I’m back home and will be updating more often and possibly working more on that side project that I have yet to officially announce.




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