First Day at TurboSquid

5 06 2008

Soooo I love my job! Haha! No, seriously, TurboSquid is such a great place. I know I’ve only been working there for a day and all, but I sure had a good time and learned a LOT too! I’m definitely looking forward to doing as much as I can with the company! Its also helped re-inspire me to work on my own stuff this summer (not that I wasn’t going to anyway, but you know, it gave me that extra boost of motivation). I’m such a little nerd that I made sure to look up alot of the file types that I wasn’t sure about and make notes of them. This is going to be a VERY awesome summer.

In other news, I think I may have to take the plunge and just get myself an Xbox 360…I’ve been playing quite a bit of Halo 3 lately, and I dunnooooo….its soooo very tempting. I need to make a list of every game I want to play and just start going through them. There are soooo many, but if I could maybe make it thru like 10 games this summer, I’d be sooo excited and happy with myself.

So this summer, starting June 23rd, I’ll be taking two online classes. I’ll be taking Game Criticism and Analysis (which involves me studying games and discussing them – AWESOME!) and Intro to Sequential Art (aka Intro to Comic Books – Sweet!). I’m excited to get back to my 2D skills, which I’m sure have all but vanished by now due to neglect. Like I said before, its going to be an awesome summer.

I think I’ll make another post soon with a list of games that I’d like to beat, then I’ll pick 10 of those and make that my side quest- er…thing…I do…in spare time….whatever- over the summer! eh heh! So stay tuned! Oh and one more thing for Michele…I LOVE MY JOB!




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