Discovering Katamari

13 06 2008

I’m probably the last person in the known universe to discover the simple joys of rolling up anything and everything. Yes, I have found the Beautiful Katamari and beautiful it is. It also has given me some of my most satisfying experiences with achievements. I have my most achievements with that game. Not that I really have much of a selection – haha. I have Mass Effect, Beautiful Katamari, and PGR4 (which I am horrendous at and should probably be banned from). All of these games are borrowed from the boyfriend, but I am getting my own copy of Halo 3 soon! Its on its way, so I can keep getting better and better and then be ranked amongst the gods of Halo and “mad skillz”. Ahem. Annnnyway…..

Oh, I realize that I have not told the epic tale of my Xbox 360 purchase! I bet you all have some many questions, or maybe you wish I would stop talking about my personal gaming experience and just talk about games in general, whatever. It was a dark night as continued the never-ending process of unpacking. I received a phone call on the cell from DJ, informing me that he got off work early and was on his way to come get me. So I got all ready to go, toying with the idea of an Xbox in my possession as I usually did. When DJ arrived at my house, I told him, “I’m going to get an Xbox 360…” he smiled and hugged me tight with a slight chuckle, “Okay…” He did not believe me. He did not understand the yearning I had for that white-ish box, to see that glowing green circle of light search desperately in the dark for a controller to share its deepest thoughts with. He had no clue that this time, as I told him was, “for reals!”

And so we got into his car. He still looked at me, his eyes and smile at that moment were the equivalent of a pat of the head. I smirked, knowing what my devious plans were and KNOWING that this time I would go through with them. As we approached the Best Buy he worked at I told him to stop there. He kind of raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Yeah? You want me to stop at Best Buy?” I nodded eagerly. He asked, “Are you really going to do this?” With a huge grin on I nodded again.

We entered the bright, beckoning Best Buy. DJ led the way, trying to find a buddy he worked with to get me one from the back.  I wrung my hands nervously with excitement and just nervousness of being an Xbox parent. I already had other children (PS3, PS2, Xbox, PS1, Wii, PSP, DS, NES) and now I was adding another one. Would they accept him? Would they all become fast friends and go on epic adventures of the electronic kind together? How do I even know if its a him?? With all of these thoughts racing through my mind, DJ appeared to let me know that they had my Xbox at the front for me. MY Xbox! I almost gasped. It was so fast, all so sudden. Was I destined to chicken out? Am I really ready for this?

After purchasing my baby, we got into DJ’s car. I held the Xbox 360 on my lap, cradling it. And without even thinking I said, “Drive slow, okay?” Apparently, this new bundle of joy was now the center of my whole world. So that’s what happened. I’m not going to go through the setting up process because that is another epic tale all its own. So yeah, my gamertag is DustBunny777.