Busy Busy Busy Bee….cause I go to SCAD

21 07 2008

Get it? Bee? SCAD? No….yes?…..awesome….anyway! I know it seems like all my posts are just about how busy I am, cause I’m whiny. Haha. Well its true! I cannot wait for this month to be over! hahaha! My Sequential Art class has been probably the hardest class I’ve ever had at SCAD. I’ve had such a hard time pleasing my professor. But I’m okay with it because I know I’m doing my absolute best. Its cool, though cause I’m glad I tried it so I know whether or not to continue with it. I’m reeeeally loving my Game Design Criticism and Analysis class though! I love talking about games and working with other people, who actually do care about getting their work done (a rarity, I’ve found).

My cruise was great! We got to swim with dolphins, which made anything and everything worth it! Here’s just a pic of me and my two younger sisters that came with us. I’m the one in red with the dark hair, duh!




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