Hurricane Gustav

31 08 2008

Sooooo yeeeah, I’m gonna be a little preoccupied.

I’ll be in Houston, Texas and I WILL be in touch! Stay tuned!

Gustav is scarrrry!

Gustav is scarrrry!


New Speed Gamer Marathon NOW!

29 08 2008

Hey guys! As you all know, I’m a huge fan and supporter of the Speed Gamers. Right now they are doing an Earthbound (aka Mother) marathon, playing through all the games. What they are trying to do is to have everyone who is watching call Nintendo or email them requesting that the EarthBound series come to America as a Virtual Console (wii) purchase or for the DS.

Several people have called in probably somewhere in the hundreds, maybe two hundreds or more. This method of requesting for other games, for example, Fire Emblem got to America because of the numerous requests by gamers. Go here and watch them play! They run the best marathons I’ve ever seen! Here’s a link!

Now for those of you wondering what EarthBound is, well here you go! This is the series that the two characters Ness and Lucas of Super Smash Brothers come from. These games are pretty old (for the nes, snes, and gba), but they are great games that are quite popular in Japan. The first two of the three games have been released in America, but the third one has yet to come. Here’s a link to the wiki page on Mother (the first EarthBound game).

Lucas (left) and Ness (Right)

Lucas (left) and Ness (Right)

So anyway, just go to their site! Join in the chat! Watch the game! Enter the contests! And PLEASE call Nintendo! The Speed Gamers have the number to call scrolling at the bottom of their screen, so go check it out!

******** FABLE 2 PUB GAMES UPDATE *****************

Sorry I haven’t updated on my Fable 2 Pub games experience with Amazon. Well August 18th came and I believe that night, pretty late, Amazon emailed me my Pub games code. The best thing I can say for those of you who haven’t received your code, call Amazon and don’t let them get off the phone with you until they give you a specific date that you will get your code. Good luck, everyone!

I present the BEST game ever!

29 08 2008

So I was watching a gaming marathon and someone mentioned this game for the original xbox that I remember seeing somewhere! Hahahaha! Please just go see this trailer or whatever it is…

Website coming sooooon!

21 08 2008

So tonight I will be beginning work on my website. It won’t be my portfolio site, but it will feature some of my work eventually. I have a lot of things going on and I want to centralize it all with one site. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with my blog. Oh, don’t worry! It won’t be going away, I just don’t think it will be on a blogging site anymore. But we’ll see. I’m hoping to keep a copy here on wordpress for a few weeks or days and then have it on my website. This current site I’m working on will eventually link to my actual portfolio on day soon.

Oh and I don’t think I updated you guys on my Wii Fit experience. well it didn’t happen. I would tell you why, but all I can say is that Best Buy didn’t have any….yeeeeah. But this Sunday, I will be going to see if they have any and if so, I will be purchasing one.

And remind me to tell you all about Chuck E Cheese later!!

Nintendo Gaming!!

20 08 2008

Kirby Adventure is sooo much fun, guys! I’ve had a number of days of Nintendo going on. I played some Super Mario Galaxy, Kirby Adventure (VC – Wii), and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (on the DS). I’m determined to finish Phoenix Wright really soon. As it turns out, I kind of suck at Phoenix Wright…well, actually, I take that back. I’m really good about figuring a case out and finding the correct evidence, but I’m horrible at figuring out when to present and which ones to present. Weird, huh? I wonder if anyone else has hat isse.

Super Mario Galaxy is a lot of fun too! Sometimes it would frustrate me, though. I have this horrid habit of cursing….like, alot….when I get annoyed during video games. I get so frustrated that I just start to make up strange combinations and I’m pretty sure some new words when I lose. I really got to get that under control…and Super Mario Galaxy is one of those games that made me do that – alot. Especially during the racing stage where you’re surfing on a sting ray. Fun in theory, but hell in practice. Whatever, I will go back to it eventually and really kick butt!

This guy rocks

This guy rocks

And now let me get to Kirby Adventure. Okay, so I really have never played ANY kirby games, ever. But I did some researching and found that this VC game, Kirby Adventure, was supposed to be uber awesome. So I downloaded it and I think I’m on level 5 out of the 7 levels and its is a LOT of fun! I didn’t realize how awesome Kirby was in practice! I had only seen him in action in Smash Brothers, and I really wasn’t THAT impressed by him. In fact, I found him to be annoying with that stupid lil’ voice and that little wavy thing he did in victory, just taunting me like the sadistic little pink bas- ANYWAY! So I decided to give this game a try and sure enough, I genuinely enjoyed it!!

I had this idea that maybe one day I’d set up a video card and just play games and record it or maybe even live stream it. For what? I dunno, maybe just for fun. It could be funny to see and hear my reactions to playing games for the first time. But I dunno, we’ll see how that goes.

Funny that I started to play more NIntendo, b/c DJ sold his Wii today. It’s just not his kind of console. There really aren’t any games that suit him and I agree. He’s just not into…I dunno, a lot of different games. To be honest, he mainly sticks to fps’s. I did tell ya’ll about his stint in WoW, right? But I don’t hate on him for it. It’s his decision and besides, I know that it’s gone to a good home! He sold it to one of his old band mates and close friends.

P.S. I have no clue who that guy in the picture is, I just thought it was coooool.

The Speed Gamers

16 08 2008

Come guys! This is for children with cancer! All of your donations go straight to St. Jude’s Hospital and the research for finding a cure to cancer. Retro is also in on this (The studio that made the Metroid games) after losing a team member to cancer. The gang at Speed Gamers are doing a 72 Hour marathon that started yesterday at 6pm central time. It’s very well done so far and they are quite entertaining. So please, go donate some money! There are also contests! Go! NOW!

Final Fantasy VII @ Best Buy

16 08 2008

Hey guys, so obviously there was no FFVII for the PS3 released today and DJ also confirmed that there were no deliveries on the way. So oh well! I could still dream!