Is Sony Brewing a Storm?

4 08 2008

I was talking to DJ the other day about the consoles. I start off saying, “The PS3 has failed….” DJ agrees with me because its easy to say that and believe it. But then I retract that comment and say, “Well…I mean, they suck right now. And its a huge disappointment. You know I love Sony, but this whole Achievements thing and Xbox Live have kicked its sorry $600 ass.” (Please don’t tell me about any price drops on ANY console, b/c it only angers me and you won’t like me when I’m angry “Elle SMASH!”) He agrees with that statement as well. After discussing just how cool achievements are, he brings up a reader letter he read in his Xbox Magazine. A reader wrote in that the Achievements on the Xbox 360 has made him finish games and even go back and play them again. Before achievements, this guy would MAYBE finish a game, but for the most part would stop before the end. And then never play it again. Now he feels like he’s actually getting his money’s worth out of a game.

I thought that this was genius! I never really thought of it before, but its true and it’s so obvious too. I just never thought about it that way. I soon realized that I felt the same way as this reader does, and so did most of my friends.

We sat quiet in the car for a moment as I thought about Sony’s future. Then I said, “I think Sony’s doing something. Like in the back of my mind, as I’m starting to write them off slightly, I think they’re working on something big. They’ve gotta be. You can’t tell me they are just running around with their heads cut off screaming about how they are doing so bad, or that they are in denial that they are sucking, bad.” DJ wasn’t sure whether he agreed or disagreed. I continued, “I just have this feeling that either Trophies are going to be soooo amazing that they will overturn Sony’s fate or that Home will finally release and be something that will be a decision-maker for some buyers. Or maybe there will actually be something that Sony will one day announce and then soon after release that will blow EVERYONE out of the water. Whatever it is, they can’t announce it until its almost done, b/c I don’t think they can afford to make more promises of things to come.”

DJ just responded, “I think that’s all that can save them now with FF going to Xbox too.” So we both think that Sony has something brewing….something…. Okay, well I think I believe that more than DJ, but there’s definitely an inkling in his mind too.

P.S. Console wars are dumb. That’s not what this post is about. This post is about the individual statuses of the 360 and PS3. Not a who-more-awesome thing. I love them both equally.


Music Games…Bleh

4 08 2008

You know what? I’m tired of music games, like rhythm games. For example, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Okay, yeah that’s all I’m really tired of. I’ve actually developed almost a hate relationship with it. Its the one game or….what is it now, like five games, that I refuse to let my boyfriend play in front of me. If we ever live together, he will have to play it in a different room from me. I’m open to ANY game. I don’t even mind him playing Madden over and over again or yelling into the mic during Halo 3 games with his buddies. I don’t even care that he’s the biggest achievement whore that I’ve met. Whatever. But I am just OVER the whole Rock Band/Guitar Hero thing.

I was such a big fan of the Guitar Hero series back on the first and second ones. But now, its just too much. I loved the simplicity of the series back then. During the first one, it was actually a low-key sort of game. Not too many people owned or played it. It was nice like that. I wasn’t overloaded with it 24/7 like I am now. And with every new guitar Hero and Rock Band game or anything like it that is on its way, being made, or out today, I cannot help but think that its such a waste of time for players and developers. Just stop…please. Please just work on things of more substance. We have enough. If you want more songs, keep them as DLC as some are. There is NO NEED to make an entire new game or a bigger, better drum set. It all just seems like such overkill.

I just never have any fun anymore playing it. I’d rather spend an hour playing Katamari, and I’d feel a lot more fulfilled than an hour of Guitar Hero. And what’s the best part?! The games suck to watch! If you’re not playing it or waiting your turn, they are the most boring things in the world to watch. Its not entertaining when someone moves their fingers really fast – as least not for me. And the video in the background isn’t very amusing either.

Its really just those two series of games that fill me with such rage…I have no issue with drumania or DDR. Frankly, I am not overloaded with DDR and stuff as much as I am with guitar hero. And now I’m tired of talking about it.

So I’m soooo excited about Fable 2. I have a few games on the way too! I have Uncharted, LocoRoco, and Rachet & Clank on the way. From Gamefly I have Grid and Viva Pinata. I cannot resist the pinatas anymore and figure that if my roommate loved it sooo much, then maybe I will. If not, I will return it the same day and rent Ninja Gaiden II or something obscenely bloody…..yeeeeah, good plan.