5 08 2008

So I’m putting myself up for doing some freelance work. I’m willing to do flash websites and 3D models except for human models (but I’m still perfecting that skill). I don’t really have too big of a portfolio at all, but I do work hard and I do my best. I’ll try to get some pictures of my work up here in the next few days.


Sleepy Gaming

5 08 2008

Does anyone else get like uber tired when you play video games? I always notice that no matter how much fun I have playing video games, I always get soooo tired. I’m wondering if there are some techniques out there that people use to keep themselves awake. Hmmmm…maybe coffee and soft drinks? I usually just drink Tea and some times powerade. Hmmmmm….I have no clue. But if anyone has any ideas, let me know. I’d like to play without getting all tired and stuff.

I found a forum started by someone who feels like I do about getting tired while playing games. Might be a nice lil’ read through of people’s answers and you get to see what others think about it. Is it everyone? Is it just certain games?,com_fireboard/Itemid,26/func,view/catid,6/id,39105/


And as for getting more energy, here’s a link to a blog article that basically covers the generic ground on what helps anyone have more energy.


So I think I will make a note over this month on when I’m game, how my energy level is, if I had an active day, the time, and what game I’m playing. Maybe then, we can establish at least what makes me tired anyway.