6 08 2008

If this turns out to be a lie….I will make T-shirts….yes, yes I will….


Final Fantasy VII for the PS3

6 08 2008

Soooo if any of you peruse sites like Kotaku or have ventured into your local Best Buy, you’ve probably seen this ad.

Now, my boyfriend works at Best Buy. He doesn’t know too much about the whole FF series and all, but he actually approached me and asked if I had heard about FFVII coming to the PS3 this month. I then told him that I saw a poster for it on Kotaku! So we ventured to his store and did some investigating. No one else is quite sure what’s going on. We types the number info into the computer and sure enough, it exists. There’s even a price for it and all. But really? Is it real?

I asked Gamestop employee when we decided to investigate more and so visited Gamestop at the mall. The employee shook his head and rolled his eyes saying, “Ummm no way.” And then just kind of walked away. I did not appreciate the disrespect. He was acting like I was trying to tell him of the second coming of Christ as I fed my squirrel friends and rock back and forth to no end. I told him what I saw and I was just curious…so no one knows what’s going on. DJ thinks its either the real thing or its a preorder box coming in announcing it. I don’t know what to think at all…..oh Square Enix or Best Buy…why must you play your game of lies and deceit with me….whhhhyyyy?!!!