Vista…. Oh noes!

7 08 2008

So today’s the day I finally upgrade…er….I finally get Vista. I have Vista (home or something) on my laptop and I like it….soooo although I am wary, I’m actually looking forward to it. I love Windows in general and I believe in Microsoft so I’m hopeful that things will just keep getting better. I’m currently downloading it as I type this, so I plan to update later on how it all went and what i think of Windows Vista Ultimate edition.

I will also being doing some modeling in Maya 2008 tonight (working on that new human model). I have been reading a lot of tutorials, tips, and modeling books to help me get and understand the best workflow for the best results possible. I’ll try to take some screens to take you all through the process as someone still learning…so there might be some mess ups here and there! Hahaha! Any tips would be greatly appreciated and very welcome! I am trying my best to challenge myself and make myself a better modeler.

Well I’ll see ya later in the world of Vista……I’m so scared….haha




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