Metroid Marathon

16 08 2008

Hey guys! Currently, The Speed Gamers are running a Metroid marathon. They will spend the next 72 hours playing through all of the metroid games (excluding Metroid Pinball). They are accepting donations to go to the St. Jude cancer research. This is not their first marathon, so they are very experienced in this. The video quality is great and the interactive chat is a big plus to keep it entertaining. I donated and I think you all should go donate too.




One response

24 08 2008
Brian Shurtleff

One year me and my roommate nearly played through all the Metroid games out (at that time) over the course of a month.

Couldn’t do any of the prime series since we didn’t have a gamecube and Wii didn’t exist yet at the time.
But other than that, we at least played all of rest of them, although only beat Metroid 2, Super Metroid, and Zero Mission

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