Nintendo Gaming!!

20 08 2008

Kirby Adventure is sooo much fun, guys! I’ve had a number of days of Nintendo going on. I played some Super Mario Galaxy, Kirby Adventure (VC – Wii), and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (on the DS). I’m determined to finish Phoenix Wright really soon. As it turns out, I kind of suck at Phoenix Wright…well, actually, I take that back. I’m really good about figuring a case out and finding the correct evidence, but I’m horrible at figuring out when to present and which ones to present. Weird, huh? I wonder if anyone else has hat isse.

Super Mario Galaxy is a lot of fun too! Sometimes it would frustrate me, though. I have this horrid habit of cursing….like, alot….when I get annoyed during video games. I get so frustrated that I just start to make up strange combinations and I’m pretty sure some new words when I lose. I really got to get that under control…and Super Mario Galaxy is one of those games that made me do that – alot. Especially during the racing stage where you’re surfing on a sting ray. Fun in theory, but hell in practice. Whatever, I will go back to it eventually and really kick butt!

This guy rocks

This guy rocks

And now let me get to Kirby Adventure. Okay, so I really have never played ANY kirby games, ever. But I did some researching and found that this VC game, Kirby Adventure, was supposed to be uber awesome. So I downloaded it and I think I’m on level 5 out of the 7 levels and its is a LOT of fun! I didn’t realize how awesome Kirby was in practice! I had only seen him in action in Smash Brothers, and I really wasn’t THAT impressed by him. In fact, I found him to be annoying with that stupid lil’ voice and that little wavy thing he did in victory, just taunting me like the sadistic little pink bas- ANYWAY! So I decided to give this game a try and sure enough, I genuinely enjoyed it!!

I had this idea that maybe one day I’d set up a video card and just play games and record it or maybe even live stream it. For what? I dunno, maybe just for fun. It could be funny to see and hear my reactions to playing games for the first time. But I dunno, we’ll see how that goes.

Funny that I started to play more NIntendo, b/c DJ sold his Wii today. It’s just not his kind of console. There really aren’t any games that suit him and I agree. He’s just not into…I dunno, a lot of different games. To be honest, he mainly sticks to fps’s. I did tell ya’ll about his stint in WoW, right? But I don’t hate on him for it. It’s his decision and besides, I know that it’s gone to a good home! He sold it to one of his old band mates and close friends.

P.S. I have no clue who that guy in the picture is, I just thought it was coooool.




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