New Speed Gamer Marathon NOW!

29 08 2008

Hey guys! As you all know, I’m a huge fan and supporter of the Speed Gamers. Right now they are doing an Earthbound (aka Mother) marathon, playing through all the games. What they are trying to do is to have everyone who is watching call Nintendo or email them requesting that the EarthBound series come to America as a Virtual Console (wii) purchase or for the DS.

Several people have called in probably somewhere in the hundreds, maybe two hundreds or more. This method of requesting for other games, for example, Fire Emblem got to America because of the numerous requests by gamers. Go here and watch them play! They run the best marathons I’ve ever seen! Here’s a link!

Now for those of you wondering what EarthBound is, well here you go! This is the series that the two characters Ness and Lucas of Super Smash Brothers come from. These games are pretty old (for the nes, snes, and gba), but they are great games that are quite popular in Japan. The first two of the three games have been released in America, but the third one has yet to come. Here’s a link to the wiki page on Mother (the first EarthBound game).

Lucas (left) and Ness (Right)

Lucas (left) and Ness (Right)

So anyway, just go to their site! Join in the chat! Watch the game! Enter the contests! And PLEASE call Nintendo! The Speed Gamers have the number to call scrolling at the bottom of their screen, so go check it out!

******** FABLE 2 PUB GAMES UPDATE *****************

Sorry I haven’t updated on my Fable 2 Pub games experience with Amazon. Well August 18th came and I believe that night, pretty late, Amazon emailed me my Pub games code. The best thing I can say for those of you who haven’t received your code, call Amazon and don’t let them get off the phone with you until they give you a specific date that you will get your code. Good luck, everyone!




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