Fable 2 Pub Games? Amazon, what gives?!

16 08 2008

So after deciding to finally preorder my copy of Fable 2 from Amazon, I started to see comments saying that people who preordered from Amazon are STILL waiting (several days later) for their pub games code to arrive. I was very disturbed by this and decided to get some straight answers from Amazon. I called them on the 15th (the day I preordered) and asked them if they were still giving the game code for the xbox pub games for Fable 2 with the preorder. The man on the phone verified that that promotion was still in motion. I then asked when I could expect to receive MY code. He told me within 24 hours, I would receive my code. It has now been 24 hours and still nothing. So then I emailed Amazon about it.

At some point today they sent this message back to me:

” Thank you for writing to us at Amazon.com.

I’m sorry to hear that the pre-order code for the game “Fable 2 Limited Edition” was not yet received.

Customers who pre-ordered after August 11th, will receive their code by August 18, 2008. Hence we will send your pre-order code via e-mail by August 18, 2008.

If you have not received your code by this date, please let us know by filling out the e-mail form on this page:


Again, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced and express our gratitude for the patience you’ve displayed thus far.

I hope the above information has been helpful.

Thanks for shopping at Amazon.com.”

So yeah, there you have it apparently. I expect to have my code on the 18th. If not, I will be sure to cancel my preorder and go to Best Buy to get it. Hopefully this will help everyone else who is in this same spot.


Wii Fit Fun

16 08 2008

So I will be getting a Wii Fit hopefully tomorrow and I will try to take some video and make a little review on it! So stay tuned!

Metroid Marathon

16 08 2008

Hey guys! Currently, The Speed Gamers are running a Metroid marathon. They will spend the next 72 hours playing through all of the metroid games (excluding Metroid Pinball). They are accepting donations to go to the St. Jude cancer research. This is not their first marathon, so they are very experienced in this. The video quality is great and the interactive chat is a big plus to keep it entertaining. I donated and I think you all should go donate too.


New stuff

15 08 2008

So I’m trying to add google adsense to my site, so don’t mind the weird stuff going on.

Sad News on a Personal Note

8 08 2008

Hey guys

I may not be writing anything up here for the next few weeks b/c yesterday my boyfriend’s father passed away. He was only 52 and passed away in his sleep. We all miss him a lot and I plan to be there for DJ and his family.

Vista…. Oh noes!

7 08 2008

So today’s the day I finally upgrade…er….I finally get Vista. I have Vista (home or something) on my laptop and I like it….soooo although I am wary, I’m actually looking forward to it. I love Windows in general and I believe in Microsoft so I’m hopeful that things will just keep getting better. I’m currently downloading it as I type this, so I plan to update later on how it all went and what i think of Windows Vista Ultimate edition.

I will also being doing some modeling in Maya 2008 tonight (working on that new human model). I have been reading a lot of tutorials, tips, and modeling books to help me get and understand the best workflow for the best results possible. I’ll try to take some screens to take you all through the process as someone still learning…so there might be some mess ups here and there! Hahaha! Any tips would be greatly appreciated and very welcome! I am trying my best to challenge myself and make myself a better modeler.

Well I’ll see ya later in the world of Vista……I’m so scared….haha


6 08 2008

If this turns out to be a lie….I will make T-shirts….yes, yes I will….