Marcus Phoenix

30 09 2008

While Marcus Phoenix is pretty damn cool in the Gears of Wars games (the second is NOT coming to the PC – WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! ahem…), he is DEFINITELY not anywhere near hott. His confidence in welding that chain saw gun, using meat shields, and he broodiness is definitely attractive to a lot of girls and guys, but is he or could he be boyfriend material?? I think not. First of all, there is zero eye-candy factor about him. You can’t even see his body! All you see is that hulking neck that is about the same size if not bigger than his head.

Oy vey, this is supposed to be attractive?

Oy vey, this is supposed to be attractive?

So now how about the personality. Marcus is a hard one to read, but his broodiness (a common issue with most hott game guys) is a complete let down. So while you’d see a bright sunny day, his war disturbed mind would see fields of dead aliens and he’ll refuse to talk about his feelings because he is MAAAAAAN!!!!  -_-  Sorry, guys, but NOT COOL.




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