Red Alert 3 is for boys….oy vey

30 09 2008

Okay, I hate to be nitpicky, buuuuuuut…. I just saw the trailer for Red Alert 3 with the women and men of the game. Funny because it’s the perfect example of a lot of the gaming world. All the women are hott and beautiful and just awesome and then all the men are old and not so hott and just bleh. The only eye-candy us ladies have is Ron Yuan, seriously….that’s it?

I know a lot of you may say “Oh but ya’ll have a lot of cute/pretty/hott guys to oogle over in many other games!”  Okay, I’m going to dissect these “eye-candies” for you all. Let’s start with some Devil May Cry, shall we?

....pretty....I guess

....pretty....I guess

So here is Dante from the Devil May Cry series. A lot of girls think he is soooo dreamy, but here’s the thing, he can only satisfy one aspect of a girl’s desires and that is to be pretty much ONLY eye- candy. Imagine his personality if he were a real person, he’d be a total jerk. All girls tend to be attracted to the bad boy, but in reality being with the bad boy sucks! And look at what he’s wearing!! Talk about total fashion disaster! Okay so maybe the clothing thing just depends on the girl, but for someone like me, I would think that a guy wearing this outfit in real life is probably gay. Therefore, he is undate-able. Sigh. So Dante is definitely NOT date or boyfriend material. Sorry, guys, but being just like Dante isn’t really a good thing.

Later today I will be updating this list of guys that are considered hott and let you know what I really think about that assumption.




2 responses

7 10 2008

ah well u r right about his clothing
but talk about his personality then i dont think that he has done any thing with a single lady in the whole game series till now
he is just pretending to be a bad boy like he saves nero but just give out sm other reasons like leaves virgil in the end he probably aint a bad guy i think but yes he sure to tries to be like one
more then that he only talks for doing this doing that other then fighting he is not good in any thing

23 11 2008

Yo. One thing I must say, is that if you’re complaining about Dante’s personality, then I’m sure the same could be said of all of the hot female game chicks (I haven’t played much RA3, but somehow I doubt they get much character development). It really sucks that games are populated by so many shallow, unlikeable characters (in fact, I think Dante wasn’t nearly one of the worst). Other than a couple of Final Fantasy girls, I can’t say I’ve ever really liked that many female game characters. Standards are so low in gaming, every time a game has a half-decent plot and hastily thrown together back stories for its lead characters, it’s hailed as being an example of remarkable story telling with deep characterization and the like. But really, it rarely is.

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