The Tokyo Game Show Begins!

8 10 2008

Today marks the beginning of the Tokyo Game Show! YAY! So far I’ve been getting some live updates through Kotaku on the keynote speech and a panel discussion. The people speaking are: Yoichi Wada (President and Representative Director of Square Enix), Shin Unozawa (Chief Operating Officer of Namco Bandai Games), and Haruhiro Tsujimoto (President and Chief Operating Officer of Capcom).

The companies are currently discussing globalization of their products. There is kind of a “globalization off” between Square Enix and Capcom, and then Namco Bandai chimes in and mentions Dragonball and Tamagotchi, which was kind of like “Buuuuurrrrrnnn!”

Wada is talking about how he is displeased with the fact that they aren’t as popular in the West as they are in Japan.

So it appears that this panel is all about getting japanese companies more popular in the world than just in Japan. By the way, some friends are currently at TSG competing in the Metal Gear Solid…competition. They are the number one US team and they live right under me! haha! Well I’ll see aout getting an interview with them soon! Also, I’ll update more on the results of this panel discussion later!




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