I Want Something Totally New

26 10 2008

This year in gaming, especially this Sept/Oct/Nov has been amazing with content and quality. I have been enjoying so many games that have comes out in the past two years: Uncharted, Lost Odyssey, The Force Unleashed, Eternal Sonata, Harvest Moon, etc. I’ve also been playing a lot of other older games over the summer. I’ve played many games on many different platforms. I’ve enjoyed Action games, Adventure, RPGs, RTS’s, etc. Some things appeal to me and others don’t. While I like the strangeness of a lot of Atlus games (Baroque, Persona, etc), they aren’t really games I would enjoy playing myself. And when it comes to horror games like resident evil and Silent Hill or the recent Dead Space, I loooove to watch them be played because I love that anxiety and suspense feeling, but I’m also a chicken. I cannot play scary games like that.

I’ve played games like Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton, which have a different feel to them than most games out right now. They ave humor and things that really make you use your head. I admire the effort that the Wii is putting out there, though it all kind of leads into my main problem.

I’m tired of the hype. Well, let me restate that. I’m tired of the OVER-hype of EVERY game that is even whispered about. I love games like Halo and Call of Duty and whatever the big thing is now, but sometimes I just feel like it’s all the same. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still enjoy these games, but I kind of feel this desire for something more.

I want a game that is different from anything I’ve ever played before. Something that makes me laugh because it’s truly funny and not in a british way (You know, where farting is top quality humor), but something that’s smart and witty and you can really relate to. I want every aspect of it to be totally unpredictable, but have a great story as well. I just haven’t quite found what I’m looking for and I’m still tryng to define what it is that I want exactly…




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