Contests and Game Marathons!

25 01 2009
This is my baby nephew! And he has an other brother just as cute!

This is my baby nephew! And he has an other brother just as cute!

Hey guys! Man, I miss blogging about games sooo much! Anyway, I would love to get some more participation from the readers on here in the comments. So I’d like to create a little contest. I’m not 100%  on what the contest is or the prize, but it will be blog related or game related!

I also would like to host a game marathon in March to try to raise money for my older sister. She and her husband have two little boys and one on the way. He just got done his military job and now is working in installing cable. She used to be in nursing school, but dropped out while she was pregnant and now they won’t let her back in to finish. I would just love to help out in any way and so I thought that if I could just raise a little money and give it to her for diapers and stuff, that would really cheer her up.

I know it’s not as dramatic as cancer and other charity-type things, but I figure that the donaters could actually see their money being put to good use to make someone else’s life better. She has no idea that I’m even thinking of doing this because I want to surprise her with it. Right now I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in watching me and a team play through a series of games. I’m thinking of playing through the Prince of Persia games. Any ideas?


Finished Prince of Persia (2008 Release)

15 01 2009
This is on my Gamefly queue!

This is on my Gamefly queue!

Yeah, so like I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been playing Prince of Persia. Well, I just beat it like 20 minutes ago….and well…at first what I THOUGHT was the ending was touching and sad and then what turned out to be the ending was just….it was just like, “WHAT?!”

Anyway, I’d still like to see what the next one is like….can’t help it. I find it all intriguing. And that final boss battle! Wow! My heart was pounding in my chest the entire time! And it was so hard to see and ahhhhh! I don’t want to give away too much, so I’ll just leave it at that. Out of 10, I give it a 7.5

Well I think I better work on finishing Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations now, then return my PoP to Gamefly tomorrow morning. Next I’m getting Princess Debut….shut up… e_e….I’m intrigued…and it appeals to my uber girly stupid side…I hate myself now….haha. I also have Valkyria Chronicles on my list as well! Yeeeah.

I got Netflix on the xbox! It’s pretty cool! I hope they add more movies to it for the instant stream because there are still sooo many I’d like to have stream straight to my xbox 360!

That was just some updates on what’s going on!


New Year Blog/Life Resolutions!

15 01 2009

Hey everybody! Sorry I disappeared for a while there, but it was the holidays, sooo yeah, I was enjoying it all. Anyway! I recently started playing Prince of Persia on the PS3 last weekend and I’m almost done with it. I should be finished by some time this weekend. I’m not going to go too much in depth of a review on it because it’s been talked about so much by pretty much everyone and I agree with the general consensus. It’s repetitive and the combat is relly difficult because it doesn’t really seem fluid and balanced. So far, I enjoy the two characters, although, since the Prince is voiced by the same guy that voiced Nathan Drake in Uncharted, I just keep imagining Nathan Drake instead of the Prince…soooo yeah, that kind of throws me off. Elika is one of the only few female characters that doesn’t annoy me! So I’m enjoying it and I like that it’s not taking me forever to beat.

Also, over the break I’ve been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead on the Xbxo 360. I looove that game! If ANYONE wants to play with me online, PLEASE friend me or whatever with a message saying, “I wanna play Left 4 Dead, Dust!” and I’ll be happy to play!!

So the new year is supposed to be able having a new start. Well here are some resolutions….although, I think I was doing the blog ones pretty well until break. I want to update the blog at LEAST five times a week.

Life-wise, I’d like to finally build a portfolio so I can apply for internships soon. Scary, but exciting!

….Yeah that’s pretty much it. Haha! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m back and I am looking forward to updating again this weekend!