Contests and Game Marathons!

25 01 2009
This is my baby nephew! And he has an other brother just as cute!

This is my baby nephew! And he has an other brother just as cute!

Hey guys! Man, I miss blogging about games sooo much! Anyway, I would love to get some more participation from the readers on here in the comments. So I’d like to create a little contest. I’m not 100%  on what the contest is or the prize, but it will be blog related or game related!

I also would like to host a game marathon in March to try to raise money for my older sister. She and her husband have two little boys and one on the way. He just got done his military job and now is working in installing cable. She used to be in nursing school, but dropped out while she was pregnant and now they won’t let her back in to finish. I would just love to help out in any way and so I thought that if I could just raise a little money and give it to her for diapers and stuff, that would really cheer her up.

I know it’s not as dramatic as cancer and other charity-type things, but I figure that the donaters could actually see their money being put to good use to make someone else’s life better. She has no idea that I’m even thinking of doing this because I want to surprise her with it. Right now I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in watching me and a team play through a series of games. I’m thinking of playing through the Prince of Persia games. Any ideas?




2 responses

22 02 2009

It is a nice idea to help your sister.. I am hoping you will win in all your games and you can give her even it is to small but the important is you gave time and effort for her.

1 03 2009

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