Wow Have I Been Busy

6 05 2009

Well now that I’m officially a senior, that means I get to do senior things! And no, I don’t mean playing chess with an old comrade why a nurse tries to feed me applesauce kind of senior….although now I am compelled to draw that….hmmmm

I’ve been in a very sketchy mood, like, I’m drawing a lot lately, which is a good thing. I’ve been getting into pushing my art towards a more Americanized style instead of that manga stuff, which I can’t help doing, but I’ve been really trying to push myself. I’ve also been designing machines. Mostly for the environment I’ve been working on, but yeah, I have a lot of sketches in random notebooks….for…other…classes (:: looks to check that her other professors don’t read her blog). Yeah!

Studio I class is my first senior class in Game Development and it’s been a lot of hard work so far, but I predict that these next few weeks will truly be working non-stop. I played a lot of Left 4 Dead and poker this weekend, which was like “Really, Elle?! You have time for this?!”  And so yeah, yesterday in my Psychology and Renaissance Art class I was reminded of the huge research papers I have to write within the next week, or actually within the next few days (insert small panic attack here). So this weekend I will be probably at the library working on my Ren Art paper….oh man, that’s gonna be a rough one. And I’m going to be kicking it into even MORE overdrive, which frightens me, on my Studio I environment.

Seriously, I’ve been staying up all night for like the past…..week and a half. I sleep in nap-lengths during the day time. It’s weird, because I feel like I haven’t really been outside in a month…e_e…you know, I’m not sure when I last went outside to just enjoy walking around outside….oh the end of the quarter will be welcomed heartily with promises of warm sunlight, cool swimming pools, and maybe even some sand….but no ocean…there are creatures in there……<_<….

Okay this is getting too long and rambling, so I will leave you with a major WIP for my current project:

I sketched this up during my Renaissance Art class

I sketched this up during my Renaissance Art class




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