Missing out?

11 05 2009

So I recently became saddened by the realization that I have not seen any of the movies I’ve wanted to see. I didn’t get to go see Dragonball: Evolution, I haven’t seen Wolverine: Origins yet, and I didn’t see Star Trek. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get for being a recluse…hahaha, no I’ve been so just ummm, this quarter I’ve like kidnapped myself and today I realized that I need to let myself go a little otherwise I’ll make myself go insane. BUT ANYWAY!

I recently popped Zelda Wind Waker into my Wii and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I’m only about maybe a half-hour into it and I love the humor and the art style. Playing Twilight Princess gave me small heart attacks which caused me to not finish it. TJ is awesome (sorry, my buddy TJ wanted me to give him a shoutout randomly, so there it is). Anyway, back to TP. I just got overwhelmed by TP and the darkness of it. Maybe it was just not something I was in the mood for at the time, but the idea of spending 60+ hours on such a game was just not appealing. Now I don’t know how long Wind Waker is, but I wouldn’t mind spending 60+ hours in this brightly colored, fantastically humored world.

I am so excited about the newest Speed Gamers marathon in like 4 days! Starting on May 15th, the Speed Gamers will be running a marathon using the Mother or Earthbound series. You know, there is something about working, listening to music loudly, and having a video feed of someone playing a video game is just so inspiring and it makes me so happy. I often wish that there were a channel wether on TV or the internet that constantly had games being playing and it just showed the gameplay footage. Someone set that up, okay?

You know, I almost want to take a picture of my bedroom right now because it’s just gotten THAT disgusting. Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I let this closet-sized room get this bad. I’m afraid that while I’m cleaning today I might find some undiscovered creatures…..ew….




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