I’m Back, for reals, yo!

27 08 2010

So I’m determined to get back to this blog after a, what, like year or two hiatus? I had started a new blog, just to get myself a fresh start, but I have to say that I truly miss this blog! Feels like home! So much has changed, yet I’ve just noticed that so much is the same. For example, I just started this post with the word “So”. I do that a lot. That’s actually something that NEEDS to change. Anyway, a lot about me has changed quite a bit, including becoming a game tester for EA. Not only that, but I got married this past May. What else? Oh, I have another surprise, but I have to wait to tell anyone about that! (That seems rather cruel that I’d tease you guys like that.)

Well, I hope you are all excited about be coming back!! I have soooo much to say and so much to tell you guys about! I hope this finds all of you well and gaming!

LadyDustBunny aka Elle




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