Missing out?

11 05 2009

So I recently became saddened by the realization that I have not seen any of the movies I’ve wanted to see. I didn’t get to go see Dragonball: Evolution, I haven’t seen Wolverine: Origins yet, and I didn’t see Star Trek. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get for being a recluse…hahaha, no I’ve been so just ummm, this quarter I’ve like kidnapped myself and today I realized that I need to let myself go a little otherwise I’ll make myself go insane. BUT ANYWAY!

I recently popped Zelda Wind Waker into my Wii and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I’m only about maybe a half-hour into it and I love the humor and the art style. Playing Twilight Princess gave me small heart attacks which caused me to not finish it. TJ is awesome (sorry, my buddy TJ wanted me to give him a shoutout randomly, so there it is). Anyway, back to TP. I just got overwhelmed by TP and the darkness of it. Maybe it was just not something I was in the mood for at the time, but the idea of spending 60+ hours on such a game was just not appealing. Now I don’t know how long Wind Waker is, but I wouldn’t mind spending 60+ hours in this brightly colored, fantastically humored world.

I am so excited about the newest Speed Gamers marathon in like 4 days! Starting on May 15th, the Speed Gamers will be running a marathon using the Mother or Earthbound series. You know, there is something about working, listening to music loudly, and having a video feed of someone playing a video game is just so inspiring and it makes me so happy. I often wish that there were a channel wether on TV or the internet that constantly had games being playing and it just showed the gameplay footage. Someone set that up, okay?

You know, I almost want to take a picture of my bedroom right now because it’s just gotten THAT disgusting. Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I let this closet-sized room get this bad. I’m afraid that while I’m cleaning today I might find some undiscovered creatures…..ew….


Wow Have I Been Busy

6 05 2009

Well now that I’m officially a senior, that means I get to do senior things! And no, I don’t mean playing chess with an old comrade why a nurse tries to feed me applesauce kind of senior….although now I am compelled to draw that….hmmmm

I’ve been in a very sketchy mood, like, I’m drawing a lot lately, which is a good thing. I’ve been getting into pushing my art towards a more Americanized style instead of that manga stuff, which I can’t help doing, but I’ve been really trying to push myself. I’ve also been designing machines. Mostly for the environment I’ve been working on, but yeah, I have a lot of sketches in random notebooks….for…other…classes (:: looks to check that her other professors don’t read her blog). Yeah!

Studio I class is my first senior class in Game Development and it’s been a lot of hard work so far, but I predict that these next few weeks will truly be working non-stop. I played a lot of Left 4 Dead and poker this weekend, which was like “Really, Elle?! You have time for this?!”  And so yeah, yesterday in my Psychology and Renaissance Art class I was reminded of the huge research papers I have to write within the next week, or actually within the next few days (insert small panic attack here). So this weekend I will be probably at the library working on my Ren Art paper….oh man, that’s gonna be a rough one. And I’m going to be kicking it into even MORE overdrive, which frightens me, on my Studio I environment.

Seriously, I’ve been staying up all night for like the past…..week and a half. I sleep in nap-lengths during the day time. It’s weird, because I feel like I haven’t really been outside in a month…e_e…you know, I’m not sure when I last went outside to just enjoy walking around outside….oh the end of the quarter will be welcomed heartily with promises of warm sunlight, cool swimming pools, and maybe even some sand….but no ocean…there are creatures in there……<_<….

Okay this is getting too long and rambling, so I will leave you with a major WIP for my current project:

I sketched this up during my Renaissance Art class

I sketched this up during my Renaissance Art class

GDC ’09

24 03 2009

Hey guys! Long time, no update!! I’m at GDC right now as a CA again! I’m having a blast and meeting a lot of people! My PC got fried in a thunderstorm two weeks ago, so I’ll be getting that into the repair shop next week. It’s still early in the week, but GDC is busy and a lot of fun! I’m so excited to go to the keynotes tomorrow and to work at the Brutual Art or Brutual Legend! Oh! And I’ll be working at the Illustrative Renderig of the Prince of Persia! Eeeek! Exciting!

For one of the keyotes, we’ll be having Iwata from Nintendo (President). I’m wondering what he will be talking about. Maybe more info on the Wii motion plus? I overheard someone today say that they are probably going to start re-releasing Wii games, but now with the Wii Motion Plus function, haha! I want to see more on the DSi.

Speaking of Nintendo, the newest Pokemon game came out this past Sunday – Pokemon Platinum! I want to get it, but I still haven’t finished Diamond yet! I’ve been playing Chrono Trigger, but have been playing Diamond to take a lil’ break from it. Anyway, I have to be jetting off now! I’ll try to update later this week!

Contests and Game Marathons!

25 01 2009
This is my baby nephew! And he has an other brother just as cute!

This is my baby nephew! And he has an other brother just as cute!

Hey guys! Man, I miss blogging about games sooo much! Anyway, I would love to get some more participation from the readers on here in the comments. So I’d like to create a little contest. I’m not 100%  on what the contest is or the prize, but it will be blog related or game related!

I also would like to host a game marathon in March to try to raise money for my older sister. She and her husband have two little boys and one on the way. He just got done his military job and now is working in installing cable. She used to be in nursing school, but dropped out while she was pregnant and now they won’t let her back in to finish. I would just love to help out in any way and so I thought that if I could just raise a little money and give it to her for diapers and stuff, that would really cheer her up.

I know it’s not as dramatic as cancer and other charity-type things, but I figure that the donaters could actually see their money being put to good use to make someone else’s life better. She has no idea that I’m even thinking of doing this because I want to surprise her with it. Right now I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in watching me and a team play through a series of games. I’m thinking of playing through the Prince of Persia games. Any ideas?

Finished Prince of Persia (2008 Release)

15 01 2009
This is on my Gamefly queue!

This is on my Gamefly queue!

Yeah, so like I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been playing Prince of Persia. Well, I just beat it like 20 minutes ago….and well…at first what I THOUGHT was the ending was touching and sad and then what turned out to be the ending was just….it was just like, “WHAT?!”

Anyway, I’d still like to see what the next one is like….can’t help it. I find it all intriguing. And that final boss battle! Wow! My heart was pounding in my chest the entire time! And it was so hard to see and ahhhhh! I don’t want to give away too much, so I’ll just leave it at that. Out of 10, I give it a 7.5

Well I think I better work on finishing Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations now, then return my PoP to Gamefly tomorrow morning. Next I’m getting Princess Debut….shut up… e_e….I’m intrigued…and it appeals to my uber girly stupid side…I hate myself now….haha. I also have Valkyria Chronicles on my list as well! Yeeeah.

I got Netflix on the xbox! It’s pretty cool! I hope they add more movies to it for the instant stream because there are still sooo many I’d like to have stream straight to my xbox 360!

That was just some updates on what’s going on!


New Year Blog/Life Resolutions!

15 01 2009

Hey everybody! Sorry I disappeared for a while there, but it was the holidays, sooo yeah, I was enjoying it all. Anyway! I recently started playing Prince of Persia on the PS3 last weekend and I’m almost done with it. I should be finished by some time this weekend. I’m not going to go too much in depth of a review on it because it’s been talked about so much by pretty much everyone and I agree with the general consensus. It’s repetitive and the combat is relly difficult because it doesn’t really seem fluid and balanced. So far, I enjoy the two characters, although, since the Prince is voiced by the same guy that voiced Nathan Drake in Uncharted, I just keep imagining Nathan Drake instead of the Prince…soooo yeah, that kind of throws me off. Elika is one of the only few female characters that doesn’t annoy me! So I’m enjoying it and I like that it’s not taking me forever to beat.

Also, over the break I’ve been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead on the Xbxo 360. I looove that game! If ANYONE wants to play with me online, PLEASE friend me or whatever with a message saying, “I wanna play Left 4 Dead, Dust!” and I’ll be happy to play!!

So the new year is supposed to be able having a new start. Well here are some resolutions….although, I think I was doing the blog ones pretty well until break. I want to update the blog at LEAST five times a week.

Life-wise, I’d like to finally build a portfolio so I can apply for internships soon. Scary, but exciting!

….Yeah that’s pretty much it. Haha! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m back and I am looking forward to updating again this weekend!

I Want Something Totally New

26 10 2008

This year in gaming, especially this Sept/Oct/Nov has been amazing with content and quality. I have been enjoying so many games that have comes out in the past two years: Uncharted, Lost Odyssey, The Force Unleashed, Eternal Sonata, Harvest Moon, etc. I’ve also been playing a lot of other older games over the summer. I’ve played many games on many different platforms. I’ve enjoyed Action games, Adventure, RPGs, RTS’s, etc. Some things appeal to me and others don’t. While I like the strangeness of a lot of Atlus games (Baroque, Persona, etc), they aren’t really games I would enjoy playing myself. And when it comes to horror games like resident evil and Silent Hill or the recent Dead Space, I loooove to watch them be played because I love that anxiety and suspense feeling, but I’m also a chicken. I cannot play scary games like that.

I’ve played games like Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton, which have a different feel to them than most games out right now. They ave humor and things that really make you use your head. I admire the effort that the Wii is putting out there, though it all kind of leads into my main problem.

I’m tired of the hype. Well, let me restate that. I’m tired of the OVER-hype of EVERY game that is even whispered about. I love games like Halo and Call of Duty and whatever the big thing is now, but sometimes I just feel like it’s all the same. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still enjoy these games, but I kind of feel this desire for something more.

I want a game that is different from anything I’ve ever played before. Something that makes me laugh because it’s truly funny and not in a british way (You know, where farting is top quality humor), but something that’s smart and witty and you can really relate to. I want every aspect of it to be totally unpredictable, but have a great story as well. I just haven’t quite found what I’m looking for and I’m still tryng to define what it is that I want exactly…